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Trying to get the Rainbow Periastron? Use our How to Get Periastrons in Periastron Stars RPG guide as a walkthrough! Every Periastron has been detailed below, with each step helping you to collect each one.

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How to Get Periastrons in Periastron Stars RPG

Lore-wise, obtaining the Periastrons is the main aim of the game! With only 5 worlds available to play through right now, there is no way to complete the obtainment of all 7 Periastrons. Once the 6th and 7th is added to Periastron Stars RPG, you’ll be able to collect the Rainbow Periastron!

You’ll notice that all Periastrons have a drop rate of 0.25% right now. However, if you purchase the gamepass that increases your chances, this turns into a 0.5% drop rate.

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Amethyst Periastron

  • Mythical rarity
  • Located in World 1
  • Max damage: 3.2K

To obtain the Amethyst Periastrion, you must make your way to Darkseed Crypt, which is located in the Graveyard – the latter is a level 22 area in World 1. The crypt can be found within the Graveyard, but your character needs to be level 30+ to enter. The only enemy in the Darkseed Crypt is Darkseed, The Fallen. Yup, it’s a boss fight!

Defeating Darkseed rewards you with EXP, gold, and exclusive loot. One of these pieces of loot is the Amethyst Periastron, which has a 0.25% chance of dropping.

Azure Periastron

  • Mythical rarity
  • Located in World 2
  • Max damage: 206K

For the Azure Periastron, it’s time to head to the Deep Ocean. This location is a level 250 area, with your focal point being the King Triton boss – note that you cannot enter the Deep Ocean if you are under level 250. With this being World 2, this boss fight is a little more difficult when compared to Darkseed. Beating King Triton rewards you with the usual stuff, but you also have a 0.25% chance of getting the Azure Periastron.

Crimson Periastron

  • Mythical rarity
  • Located in World 3
  • Max damage: 702K

The World 3 Periastron! You have to battle against the Flame Golem boss for this one, who is located in The Underworld. There’s a big level jump between the World 2 and World 3 bosses, with the Flame Golem being accessible at level 900. You’ve probably got the gist of it now, but the Crimson Periastron has a 0.25% chance to drop when you’ve defeated the Flame Golem!

Grimgold Periastron

  • Mythical rarity
  • Located in World 4
  • Max damage: 1.7 million

Now onto World 4. With an orange-themed colour scheme, it’s only right that the Grimgold Periastron is dropped by the Pumpking. And where is he located? The Hallowed Forest, of course – gotta keep those Halloween vibes going all year round!

To enter the Hallowed Forest, you must be level 1,450+. The Pumpking, when defeated, has a 0.25% chance of dropping the aforementioned Grimgold Periastron.

Ivory Periastron

  • Mythical rarity
  • Located in World 5
  • Max damage: 75 million

The strongest weapon in Periastron Stars RPG right now! It’s going to take you a bit of time to get to World 5, but once you’re there, you must have a level of 10K+. The boss you’ll be going up against is called Empyreus, and like the others, the Ivory Periastron has a 0.25% chance of appearing.