Warframe’s new update Dante Unbound comes to all platforms later this month

  • Warframe’s newest updates hits all platforms on March 27th
  • It includes a new warframe, the enigmatic scholar Dante
  • The TennoGren program, a dev/community collab, also makes a return

Warframe’s first big update of the year – and one that will be coming to the recently released Warframe mobile – has just been announced. Dante Unbound offers a new warframe, and a new mission type in Deep Archimedea. You’ll also be getting a rework of Incarnon and new weapons being unbound, finally, you’ll see the return of the dev/community collaboration TennoGen program, featuring six new cosmetic designs for warframes, swords, ships and more!

Warframe Mobile is the hotly anticipated handheld release of the cult-hit hack ‘n slash, stealth, RPG battler. It’s hard to place Warframe into a definitive box, although it’s easily understood once you get a chance to see or play it. With more than a decade of updates under its belt, there are dozens of characters, missions and a whole host of content to explore as you fight as one of the Tenno against hordes of enemies.


It’s pretty odd writing about something as well-regarded, but previously PC and console-exclusive, like Warframe. But there’s a good reason that the mobile release was so anticipated, and now we can confidently bring you all the news on the latest updates and additions being brought to the game. Dante Unbound brings us the aforementioned Dante, a former academic confidant to the Entrati family, before an encounter with a mysterious artefact known only as “The Book”, after disappearing in the wake of this encounter, he’s now returned once more.

There’s also a new enemy called, we kid you not, the Gruzzling, whom you can slaughter for its massive loot stash. But be careful, because it’s got plenty of tricks up its sleeve to foil greedy players.

Sadly, we don’t have any updates on the upcoming Android version of Warframe – which is still only available on iOS – however, you can check out our breakdown of all the differences between Warframe on PC, console and mobile!

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