The Finals players loathe Embark Studios forcing fans to play Ranked

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The Finals has received a new update and with it has come a fresh batch of challenger circuit tasks and rewards. Unfortunately, a lot of the community is frustrated with the third stage requiring players to win one tournament to earn 8,000 XP. This has resulted in fans expressing their discontent over The Finals players being forced to play Ranked.

As mentioned, The Finals has received a new update, and you can check out the full patch notes for update 2.2.0 online. This update has introduced a new LTM to celebrate Easter, and it also introduced buffs and nerfs for two of the most controversial weapons in the game. In addition, the fan-favorite mode, Cashout, has returned.

While most of the updates and new additions introduced in 2.2.0 have been received well, many fans are not happy with being forced to play ranked to complete stage three of the circuit challenges.

The Finals players lambast being forced to play Ranked

The Finals community is not happy with stage three of the current circuit challenges. The third stage of the challenger circuit asks players to win one tournament and the reward for doing so is 8,000 XP.

Taking to Reddit, user izroda created a thread titled ‘Please don’t make casual players have to play ranked‘. They explain in their Reddit post that everyone wants circuit rewards, but the third stage of the current challenger circuit requires players to compete in Ranked and win a tournament to progress. The issue is that they don’t want to play Ranked which is a sentiment shared by many in the replies.

It’s not just about skill and haha git gud as one of the top replies says it ‘s ‘Literally impossible to find a ranked tournament in OCE and Asian tournaments have a hacker in most games’. Another reply says ‘I have literally never been able to find a single ranked match on Asian servers… So I have to switch to North America and deal with the latency which isn’t even fun’.

Someone who enjoys playing Ranked sympathized with the community saying ‘I’m a ranked player but you should never force your players to play ranked to get rewards’. In another thread simply titled ‘Are you serious,’ more complaints about not being able to find matches in OCE can be found along with serious discontent over being forced to play Ranked at all.

The issue is that Embark removed Unranked tournaments, and some people have cynically considered that this is an agenda to ‘push people towards ranked’ whether kicking and screaming.

As for how the issue should be resolved, some players suggest there should be two paths to complete a challenge. A Reddit user argues ‘Win one tournament OR make it out of round one ten times [so] good players can get it done easily and no aim solo plebs like me can grind it out’.

Unfortunately though, for the time being, there’s no way to progress past stage three other than winning one Ranked tournament. This is incredibly frustrating as it means many are incapable of progressing whether simply down to skill issues or because of other problems such as hackers and OCE players not being able to get into a tournament without long queue times.

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