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On the hunt for Underworld Realm Soul Gems? If you’re not too sure how to get them, no worries! Read on to find out the best (and easiest) ways to obtain a ton of Soul Gems and what they’re used for.

Underworld Realm is a Roblox experience inspired by Undertale! You transport into the depths beneath regular civilisation and play through dungeon-like levels. The twist is that it’s all 3D and multiplayer! Will you opt for the mercy path or the genocide path on this RPG adventure? Oh, you can also get some awesome upgrades for your kit and meet zany familiar characters along your path from NPCs to fierce bosses shaped oddly like flowers…

For more information about Underworld Realm, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We’ve also got an Underworld Realm Souls guide, an Underworld Realm Weapons guide, and a useful Underworld Realm Codes guide for a bunch of freebies!

Underworld Realm Soul Gems

In need of some Soul Gems in Underworld Realm? They’re a pretty neat item when you want to give your Soul Ability a bit of a boost. In fact, Soul Gems can also be used as a form of in-game currency – which can then be used to purchase a variety of things.

If you want a Soul Orb or the Soul Sword, you need plenty of Soul Gems! 2 Soul Gems are required for 1 Soul Orb, with the latter being used to reroll your Soul.

How to Get Underworld Realm Soul Gems

So, how do you go about getting Soul Gems in the first place? Well, it’s simple enough, but it’s probably gonna be a little tedious if you’re trying to obtain a large amount. The only way to get Soul Gems in Underworld Realm right now is by beating bosses – but most of the time it’s a 2% drop rate chance, which isn’t very high, is it?

However, if you’d like to increase your chances every so slightly, you can farm the Flowey boss. There’s a 15% drop rate chance for a Soul Gem to drop after beating Flowey – nice!