Mobile Games For Dog Lovers


  • Virtual pet games offer a fun and low-maintenance way to bond with furry friends without real-world responsibilities.
  • With various mobile games to choose from, dog lovers can enjoy interactive experiences and train virtual pups effortlessly.
  • From rescuing animals to dressing them up, there are plenty of virtual pet games to cater to different interests and preferences.

Pooches come in all shapes and sizes and are unquestionably a godsend for humans. Animal lovers would strongly agree that their canine buddies are imperative to making the world more livable, and rightfully so. Virtual pet games can come in clutch to cure boredom while establishing a sense of attachment between the four-legged animals and their owners.


The 5 Best Games For Petting Animals

The simple act of petting an animal can be highly rewarding, especially in video games, as these examples illustrate.

With hundreds of Android and iOS games to choose from, dog lovers won’t ever feel detached from their furry friends. Although Nintendo boasts a large collection of dog-related video games, only mobile games have been picked for the sake of this list.

7 Dog Town

Vast Range Of Dog Breeds To Play With And Take Care Of

Dogs and puppies playing

One of the key features of Dog Town is that it lets players build a unique and personalized shelter for their paw pals. The experience is further elevated by being able to train the pups using voice commands. As the player completes targets and quests, they can unlock new dog breeds, such as Great Danes, Huskies, French Bulldogs, etc.

New habitats and spaces become available as the player progresses through the game, which maintains their motivation. Players have the opportunity to communicate with other trainers around the world and exhibit their chic tail-wagging companions.

6 Tamadog

No Need To Potty-Train Them. They Only Need Treats And Hugs

Sick puppy needs care

Owning a pet is a daunting task and often requires extensive planning, commitment, and being prepared for expensive trips to the vet. None of these are relevant to owning a virtual pet that only craves belly rubs and scratches. Tamadog lets one visualize their pup in augmented reality (AR) and it can be placed anywhere in the real world.


Pokemon That Would Make The Best Real-Life Pets

It would be great to have the following Pokemon around as real-life pets.

It allows users to train their pets, groom them, and teach new tricks all while being engrossed by their charm. It even has numerous mini-games and puzzles which are just as entertaining as pampering the doggos.

5 Talking Ben The Dog

He’s A Bit Of A Scientist Himself, Albeit A Bad One

Talking Ben The Dog game on a cellphone

Someone familiar with the extremely popular game Talking Tom will know that Talking Ben is the dog version of the former. Users can interact with Ben for his hilarious and wholesome reactions by poking or slapping his face, tickling his belly, feeding him until he burps obnoxiously.

It’s even funnier that users can talk to him, and he will repeat after them in his unique cartoonish voice. Recording and sharing his actions on social media is bound to crack everyone up.

4 Animal Shelter Simulator

The Perfect Opportunity To Become A Superhero, But For Animals In Danger

Hungry dogs being fed

This game is primarily about rescuing distressed and injured animals such as cats, dogs, and rabbits and providing them with foster care until they are adopted. Upon transporting the animals to the shelter, they must be cleaned, fed, and comforted to help them recover from their trauma.

Players also need to be on the lookout for any potential rescue mission and carry out their duties. As the animals regain their health and faith in humanity, they can be put up for adoption to find themselves a loving and caring family they deserve.

3 Paw Care

It’s Like Running A Vet Clinic And An Animal Spa At The Same Time

Injured animals being treated by a vet

For those who aspire to become a vet or get a glimpse of what their day looks like, this game was made for them. Players can perform certain medical procedures, such as pulling out fleas from their paws, applying antiseptic ointments on the wounds, and bandaging the infected areas just like a vet would do.

Operating the best veterinarian clinic in town is quite the task, but the reward of relieving animals of their ailments is soothing. Additionally, players can also give the animals a makeover to make them look the part.

2 My Puppy Daycare Salon

All The Outfits And Knickknacks One Can Think Of To Make Their Pet Look Fancy

Puppy with tongue out inside a kennel

While the previously discussed game Paw Care deals with ailments and grooming of pups, this game further elevates the experience. The doggos can be dressed with numerous outfits, and accessories such as goggles, hats, and necklaces.


7 Games That Explore The Mundane Life Of Pets

Though pets usually live in comfort, these games spice things up by diving deep into the secret life of domestic animals.

They can even develop teeth cavities which would require a medical procedure to fill the cavities and remove the infected teeth. They are also prone to accidents and injuries while playing and can be treated by using bandages, antiseptic creams, cotton, and so on.

1 Pet Rescue Saga

A City With Only Pets Roaming Freely Is An Animal Lover’s Dream

A puppy and a panda with some puzzles

In this game, pets are held hostage by heinous Pet Snatchers, and they can only be saved by solving challenging puzzles. The puzzles are similar to those in Candy Crush Saga, which isn’t surprising as both these games come from the same developer. As one keeps matching the blocks, they progress to the next level and unlock treats for their furry friend.

The game is based on the fictional city of Petopia and players can build the city to their liking. The developers actively update the game with new seasons and hurdles to add new flavors and keep players engaged.


The Sims 4: All Pets, Ranked

From the cute and cuddly Hamster to the beloved Cats and Dogs, here is a delightful ranking of every pet in the game.