Things We Want Added Through DLC


  • Square Enix plans DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth revolving around Queen’s Blood, but details and possible additional DLC remain mysterious.
  • Fans hope for more than new card players, suggesting additions like a Boss Rush mode and further stories for Vincent and Cid.
  • Quality of life improvements such as trimming down Chadley’s dialogue and implementing a guiding light system are desired by fans.

Square Enix has confirmed they are planning DLC for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth revolving around Queen’s Blood. When that will drop and how big the DLC will be is a mystery. What’s also a mystery is if that will be the only DLC.


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The first part of this trilogy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, included quality-of-life improvements with the PS5 port, including a photo mode. The big get was the Yuffie stand-alone episode, though, and fans are hoping for something similar this time around. Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth get something on that scale, or are fans only in store for a bunch of new card players? Let’s cross those fingers and hope for more.

This list contains spoilers for the entire Final Fantasy 7 universe.

7 More Fort Condor

Queen’s Blood Doesn’t Need All The Love

Barret, Cloud, and Tifa as polygons in Fort Condor in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Queen’s Blood has been promised but it’s not Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s only mini-game that was great. Fort Condor was fun too which was a carryover from the Yuffie’s DLC in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It had more of a presence within Yuffie’s adventure and returned in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth merely for a few rounds in Junon’s section of the Gilgamesh side quest.

After completing the side quest in Junon, players can tackle the Fort Condor battles again on a harder difficulty. That’s something but Fort Condor fans deserve more than that. An arena should get added in Gold Saucer along with new Queen’s Blood matches.

6 Boss Rush

Relive The Game’s Best Moments

Fighting Custom Valkyrie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Photo Modes are all the rage in most AAA games nowadays but it would be cool if Boss Rush modes became more of a thing. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth could start a beautiful trend as it featured a lot of great boss battles. One of the first’s was in Cloud’s flashback with Sephiroth against the Materia Hunter.


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There are also a lot of fights with The Turks, Jenova, and more that fans would like to relive without having to fully replay the game. A Boss Rush mode could do that and more. Maybe it could even bring in bosses from Final Fantasy 7 Remake for a true surprise like the Hell House.

5 Vincent’s Story

Vince’s Time In The Turks

Vincent in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Like Red 13 in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Cid and Vincent got the shaft in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. They are not playable, and they aren’t even full-party members to aid in the background. Like Square Enix did with Yuffie, they could introduce Vincent’s combat into the remake trilogy with a DLC episode.

It would make sense to structure the DLC around Vincent’s past as a Turk. What was he doing in the origination that led to his entombment in the Shinra Mansion? It’s a question that wasn’t covered heavily in the original game although some things were answered in the game based around The Turks aka Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7.

4 Cid’s Story

How Cid Got Into Shinra?

Cid in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Cid is an even bigger mystery as he doesn’t even have a weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. How is he going to be implemented in the final trilogy if his lance isn’t even there? They could answer that with DLC, also in a flashback format akin to the Vincent proposal.


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Cid hinted at this in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but he was brought into Shinra to be a pilot. Maybe this also included him being a soldier. He could have fought during the Wutai conflict, and those horrors may have led Cid to hang up his lance seemingly for good. A lance that he will be convinced to pick up again in the final trilogy to aid the planet.

3 More Yuffie DLC

What Was She Doing Before Junon?

Yuffie in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Square may want to save the gameplay revelations for Cid and Vincent in the actual third remake. They could instead go back to Yuffie to explain what she was doing before meeting up with the party in Junon. Players could control her in The Grasslands area of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

There are interesting avenues to explore with her, including a chase scene involving the Midgardsormr. Even with a Chocobo, Yuffie probably had a rough time. Her time before Junon is not a burning question fans have, but Square Enix could reuse assets easily to create something to tide fans over.

2 Quality Of Life Improvements

From Chadley Tweaks To Guidance

Chadley in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

There are some things Square Enix could do to fix the game too, free of charge through non-DLC patches. For example, Chadley is a big point of contention with some fans who argue he is in the game way too much. Completing his side quests amounts to almost half of the dialogue in the game.


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An option to trim down his talking in the menu, besides just using the skip button, may help fans cope. Speaking of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s side quests, sometimes the route to get to objectives is confusing, which is why a guiding light system would be appreciated. It could be like the guiding light in Dead Space. Also, creating Materia loadouts would save a lot of time when swapping out party members.

1 Fix The Ending

The Forgotten Capital Is An After Note

Vincent looking at the Forgotten Capitol in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

What if Square Enix pulled a Mass Effect 3 and retconned the ending with more content? Some players may think that Chapter 13 and Chapter 14 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth feel a bit rushed. Players get the Tiny Bronco and are presented with a big ocean to explore, but there aren’t many side quests in this region.

The game also skips over two major locations from the original or at least downgrades one. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth doesn’t have the Bone Village or The Forgotten Capitol as a full dungeon. It’s like they sped through the latter specifically because they ran out of time. The ending still makes sense even without these locations, but to longtime fans of the original, it feels a bit cheap.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

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February 29, 2024