Epic Games Store Free Game for April 4 is an Appetizer for Upcoming 2024 Release


  • Epic Games Store promotions offer more than free games, like exclusive limited-time skins for other games.
  • The Outer Worlds is the standout free game for April 4, showcasing Obsidian Entertainment’s RPG expertise.
  • Avowed, a future release by the same developers, promises similar player-choice-driven gameplay as The Outer Worlds.

The Epic Games Store free games are for more than just freebies to expand players’ libraries; other promotions can sometimes play a role in what gets offered when. One example was the time that The Elder Scrolls Online was being offered, which was in tandem with a Fortnite promotion where players could obtain a limited-time Elder Scrolls-themed skin. The Epic Games Store games for April 4 may not be a purposeful advertisement, but it works well as one.

The two free games on the Epic Games Store for April 4 are Thief and The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition, a stealth-action game and an action RPG respectively. Thief may interest fans of Eidos-Montreal as it’s known to be one of their enjoyable games during the start of the PS4 and Xbox One’s console lifecycle. However, the most interesting game out of the line-up is The Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment’s previous RPG being offered for free gives players plenty of time to check out their game design before Avowed releases.


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Epic Games Store Free Game The Outer Worlds Explained

Why The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition is a Steal During the Epic Games Store Free Games Promotion

With strong recognition as one of 2019’s best RPGs, The Outer Worlds offers hours upon hours of content featuring an amazing story that will stick with players after they’re finished. The plot in particular is very unique, being based on a completely different version of the world and its actions leading to space colonization. En route to one of these space colonies, a ship malfunctions, and only one passenger survives – the player character.

Once the game fully begins, fans will quickly understand how much of The Outer Worlds is completely up to them, from what choices they make to which NPCs join them on their journey. Some of these choices are influenced by the personality traits players pick out while making their character, so fans will need to think about how they wish to play before the game even starts. It’s quite a lot to give away for free, but as Epic Games Store offered The Outer Worlds for free last December, it’s certainly worth its while.

The Outer Worlds is its own experience when it comes to RPGs, even if the combat has been given mixed reviews from critics. It serves as a great first game for those new to Obsidian Entertainment, which makes the free deal with Epic Games all the sweeter. The Outer Worlds could easily serve as an entry point for new players to see what the developers are known for in its RPGs, just in time before its next game Avowed releases.

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The Outer Worlds Spacer’s Choice Edition

$47.99 $59.99 Save $12

The Outer Worlds Spacer’s Choice Edition is a remastered version of the 2019 hit RPG. It features enhanced graphics, performance improvements, additional animations, and high-resolution environments, offering a more polished and immersive gaming experience.

The game includes an increased level cap, allowing for a more diverse character development through the seven branches of the skill tree. The Outer Worlds remains player-centric, with the narrative trajectory hinging on the player’s choices. 

March 7, 2023

M For Mature Due To Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Drugs

How Long To Beat
16 Hours


PS Plus Availability
Extra & Premium

If Players Enjoy The Outer Worlds, They’ll Have More to Enjoy With Avowed Later This Year

Avowed is an upcoming action RPG that takes place in the same universe as Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity. It once again allows players to see the story through the eyes of their character who is sent to investigate a strange plague as an envoy of Aedyr. The game promises to allow players to use swords, magic, shields, and guns in its combat methods, and it will likely offer a wide variety of choices just like the Obsidian RPGs before it. Avowed is expected to come out during the later half of the year, giving players plenty of time to experience The Outer Worlds.

Of course, there’s the fact that The Outer Worlds and Avowed are not exactly the same, with the upcoming release being fantastical whereas The Outer Worlds is more in the realm of science fiction. However, The Outer Worlds is very much seen as a great representation of what Obsidian Entertainment is like at its best, which means that the gameplay design seen in the older game will most certainly be felt in Avowed. Interested players have until April 11 to claim The Outer Worlds and Thief before they’re replaced with the next game or two.