These Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 fixes will make Premier mode much better

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It’s time for Valorant fans to get excited as Riot Games is set to release Episode 8 Act 2 in less than a week. Not much is known about the incoming chapter yet as Riot Games hasn’t revealed the battle pass or new content. However, they have revealed key fixes that will make Premier mode much better and more accessible in Valorant Episode 8 Act 2.

While we don’t know much about the imminent chapter yet, leaks suggest it will see the debut of the mysterious Agent 25. Riot Games has teased their arrival with Cypher and Fade alluding to them in voice messages that mention Edinburgh, Scotland.

While the release of Agent 25 has been alluded to and previously leaked, it’s not official from Riot Games as of writing. However, what is official is that Premier mode is getting some improvements to make it more welcoming and accessible to everyone in the community.

Valorant Episode 8 Act 2 Premier mode fixes

Valorant developer Riot Games has shared some fixes and key improvements for Premier mode in Episode 8 Act 2. These are designed to make the mode more welcoming to the entire community along with just improving the mode in general so it’s more enjoyable.

One of the key fixes is ‘rematch protection’. Ultimately, you will now avoid facing the same team twice in a stage. Another huge fix is ‘no more enrolment’. What this means is that you can create a team and start playing at any point during a stage. Playoff standings will also show results as those matches finish.

In addition to all of the above, Episode 8 Act 2 will also introduce ‘zone flexibility’. This will allow you to change your zone at any time before the first match of the stage. Lastly, Riot Games is introducing ‘immediate division placement’. This means you will immediately see your provisional division ranking right after creating your team. Your placement will lock after your first match.

All of the above fixes come from the official VALORANT Twitter account. Many of the replies have dubbed the upcoming changes a huge ‘W’ but there are still neat suggestions from the community. Twitter user Headshinsky feels Riot needs to provide an observer mode without delay, as well as change server selection based on average ping difference.

Other suggestions from the community include more rewards. However, right now, fans are firmly happy with the intended changes from Riot. Episode 8 Act 1 ends on March 4th meaning EP8 AC2 should begin shortly after on March 5th.

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Valorant is available on PC. Riot Games previously said it might come to consoles, and leaks have pointed to console playtests for early 2024. However, nothing official has come from Riot yet.