Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers opens up pre-registration for iOS & Android

  • Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers has opened pre-registration for iOS
  • The game lets you hunt, research and battle it out with monsters from and inspired by the films
  • Build up your base and squad of Titan Chasers to take on the kaiju themselves!

Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers has now opened pre-registration for iOS and Android. Coming from publisher Tilting Point and developer Hunted Cow Studios, Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers challenges you to build a base in an untamed new ecosystem, forging a squad of Titan Chasers to battle it out with monstrous adversaries, with the goal of researching and understanding these creatures.

Billing itself as a 4x strategy game, Titan Chasers takes you to the bizarre new ecosystem of the Sire Isles, which have emerged in the aftermath of the rise of the Titans (the Monsteverse name for kaiju). You’ll build up a base of operations from which to send out your teams of Chasers who’ll fight it out in RPG battles against bizarre creatures.

Pre-registering for Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers will net you in-game rewards including the Superspecies Jackal, experience points, resources and Boosts for building and recruitment.

King of the Monsters

While some Godzilla and King Kong fans were likely hoping for a different genre than the usual 4x strategy, we can’t deny that Titan Chasers looks to be a solid game. It’s also coming at a prime time for Legendary’s “Monsterverse” which pits the two titans (pun intended) of cinema against, and alongside, one another in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. Still, we’re wondering if the two giant monsters will be enough to make Titan Chasers stand out against other 4x titles.

You can pre-register for Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers on your platform of choice, now open on iOS and Android.

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