The Finals dev teases deadly new weapon everyone owns in their home

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In addition to having fantastic drip, The Finals is famous for having an assortment of weapons. While most of the weapons are guns, there is also the sledgehammer for the Heavy class. If you thought the sledgehammer was brutal, The Finals developer has now teased the addition of a deadly new weapon, and it’s a comically large kitchen utility everybody owns.

Embark Studios has just shared the patch notes for The Finals update 2.3.0. This update brings balance changes to FAMAS, and it also coincides with the release of the free Skill Issue skin that is only available through Discord Quest for a limited time. If you want more freebies, there is no time limit for getting a bundle that includes two Epic outfits and 12 weapon skins for free.

While skins and outfits are nice, more weapons are always appreciated, too. And, after releasing cardboard weapons to the joy of everyone, developer Embark Studios has now teased the arrival of a comically large kitchen utility.

The Finals dev teases spoon

On the official The Finals Discord channel, developer Embark Rob has teased the addition of a comically large spoon as a weapon. This tease is accompanied by a seven-second clip that shows the Heavy class holding a mighty spoon in their hands.

Image credit: Embark Studios – via The Finals Discord

In response to the spoon clip, Embark Dusty screamed ‘ROBBBBBB!!!!!! NO LEAKS!’. There’s no mention of when the deadly kitchen item will arrive, but the prospect of cracking skulls like eggs with a spoon naturally has players excited.

The Finals response to spoon
Image credit: The Finals Discord

Granted, knives and forks would be able impale enemies, but a spoon will more than satisfy in bashing skulls in place of the sledgehammer. It should be a weapon for the Heavy class just like the sledgehammer in the game.

It’s unknown if the weapon will be free and attainable through challenges or a quest, or if it will be something to unlock from the item shop in another store rotation. Either way, the Discord is full of enthusiasm with countless players screaming ‘yes’ and getting all giddy.

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The Finals is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.