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Some perks are useless, some deserve a spot in Squad Levi. Either way, you’ll need our Attack On Titan Revolution Perks tier list when deciding which perks to equip into your slots!

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Attack On Titan Revolution Perks Tier List

With only 1 Core Perk slot, you need to choose wisely! Look at where we’ve ranked the Core Perks in the tiers below to help you decide. On top of that, your Defense, Offense, and Support perks are just as important, but you at least get some extra slots for those. These rankings are based on the buffs that they provide when equipped. Read our Attack On Titan Revolution Perks guide to learn more about each perk!

S Tier

These perks have the Levi stamp of approval!

  • Indefatigable (Legendary Core)
  • Eviscerate (Legendary Offense)
  • Unparalleled Strength (Legendary Offense)
  • Carnifex (Legendary Offense)
  • Peerless Constitution (Legendary Defense)
  • Robust (Legendary Defense)
  • Invincible (Legendary Defense)
  • Font of Vitality (Legendary Defense)
  • Peerless Commander (Legendary Support)
  • Courage Catalyst (Legendary Support)
  • Sixth Sense (Legendary Support)
  • Gear Master (Legendary Support)

A Tier

Strong perks for the scouts!

  • Perfect Soul (Legendary Core)
  • Resilient (Epic Core)
  • Solo (Epic Core)
  • Critical Hunter (Epic Core)
  • Sanctified (Legendary Offense)
  • Peerless Focus (Legendary Offense)
  • Reckless Abandon (Epic Offense)
  • Mutilate (Epic Offense)
  • Aegis (Legendary Defense)
  • Unbreakable (Epic Defense)
  • Stalwart Durability (Epic Defense)
  • Heightened Vitality (Rare Defense)
  • Gear Expert (Epic Support)
  • Trauma Battery (Epic Support)
  • Experimental Shells (Rare Support)

B Tier

Eren wouldn’t say no to these perks, but that’s because he’s too nice to admit that they’re on the weaker side.

  • Perfect Form (Legendary Core)
  • Tyrant’s Stare (Legendary Core)
  • Enhanced Metabolism (Common Core)
  • Flawed Release (Epic Offense)
  • Focus (Epic Offense)
  • Luminous (Epic Offense)
  • Peerless Strength (Epic Offense)
  • Speedy (Epic Offense)
  • Mangle (Rare Offense)
  • Forceful (Rare Offense)
  • Hardy (Epic Defense)
  • Safeguard (Epic Defense)
  • Unyielding (Rare Defense)
  • Protection (Rare Defense)
  • Enduring (Common Defense)
  • Fortitude (Common Defense)
  • Exhumation (Legendary Support)
  • Adrenaline (Epic Support)
  • Siphoning (Epic Support)
  • Fully Stocked (Rare Support)
  • Gear Intermediate (Rare Support)

C Tier

Eh, these perks are fine but they’re nothing compared to those listed above.

  • Flame Rhapsody (Legendary Core)
  • Wind Rhapsody (Legendary Core)
  • Lightweight (Rare Offense)
  • Blessed (Rare Offense)
  • Mighty (Common Offense)
  • Cripple (Common Offense)
  • Tough (Rare Defense)
  • Extra Bandage (Common Support)

D Tier

Levi’s getting his apron on right now to sweep these perks away.

  • Lucky (Common Offense)
  • Hollow (Common Offense)
  • ODM Gear Beginner (Common Support)