The Best LEGO Sets for Gamers in 2024

LEGO has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1932. What started as a small Danish company making wooden toys has grown into a global phenomenon, with products enjoyed by people of all ages. Over the years, LEGO has made a concerted effort to appeal to adults, with a range of products that are both sophisticated and fun.


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While there may still be plenty of sets aimed at children, it’s undeniable that some LEGO sets are truly made for adults. The LEGO brand has partnered with several franchises gamers love, going as far as launching a new game mode in Fortnite. From Star Wars to Mario and beyond, gamers looking for a way to challenge themselves while paying homage to their favorite titles can depend on LEGO to offer them fun and excitement one brick at a time.

How We Choose LEGO Sets for Gamers

LEGO is an untouchable leader in brick-based toys, although Mega Blocks has tried for years to close the gap. However, this does mean that players really can’t go wrong with LEGO sets, especially considering that they tend to be more lucrative than gold. Despite the high quality, there are still some things to consider when picking out the best video game-themed LEGO sets:

Number of Pieces

Not everyone is a master puzzler, especially if they’re a young child. Knowing how many pieces are in a set will let buyers know approximately how difficult it is to assemble. Of course, age ranges are listed for each set, but the overall difficulty can be easily assessed by looking at how many medium and small pieces there are.


The theme of a LEGO set is one of the most important features. The long-awaited new Animal Crossing LEGO sets may have finally arrived, but there are dozens of different franchises that have fun LEGO sets available. From Mario to Minecraft, choosing a Lego set that matches a fan’s favorite world is key to getting the perfect gamer gift.


Some LEGO sets are meant to be played with, while others are designed to be put on display. Whether the end user will want to play with their set is an important thing to think about before purchasing a set. LEGO sets with lots of minifgs, multiple levels, and moving parts are perfect for playtime. On the other hand, more sturdy, solid sets with a strong platform are ideal for displaying on shelves.

Best Budget LEGO Set for Gamers

LEGO Animal Crossing Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities

For just $20, players can have a cute Animal Crossing-themed Lego set on display almost anywhere. Featuring the down-to-earth, yet peppy rabbit Bunnie, this adorable campsite has tons of treasures waiting to be discovered, from pretty flowers and butterflies to Bunnie’s all-important camping supplies.

The movable platforms make it easy to pair this with other Animal Crossing LEGO sets while also allowing players to get into the spirit of the franchise and customize the space their own way. Gamers on a budget who want a cool and cute LEGO display can’t do much better than the new Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities set.

Best Premium LEGO Set for Gamers

The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

LEGO’s premium sets come at a hefty price, but they’ve always got a magical quality about them, and that feeling is stronger than ever with the beautifully detailed Rivendell set. This Lord of the Rings-themed LEGO set comes with over 6,000 pieces and 15 iconic characters in mini-fig form. Many of the pieces work to bring the Elven foliage to life, while the same natural hues add artistry to the rooftops through dozens of diamond pieces.


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The set includes vital set pieces, such as the round table for the Council of Elrond, the pearly white gazebo where a handful of whispered conversations take place, and many other recognizable sites. There’s even a behind-the-scenes look at Elrond’s study. These myriad details make this LEGO set a true work of art, one that would be a lovely addition to any shelf, even if it does cost a pretty penny.

Editor’s Choice

Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck

The LEGO Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck is the perfect blend of a fun LEGO building experience and an impressive display piece. With just over 1,200 pieces, many of which are quite small, putting this set together can be a little challenging even for adults. The set includes some of LEGO’s more unique pieces too, meaning that even veteran fans might find some fresh surprises in the pack.

Once put together, the figure looks incredible. Even those who aren’t familiar with the Horizon game series will instantly appreciate the very sci-fi aesthetic the figure brings to any space. Perfect for teens and adults alike, this LEGO set is a truly fun puzzle that leads to one of the best Horizon Forbidden West figures available.


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