Disturbing Minecraft Theory Will Have Players Looking at Soup Differently


  • Disturbing Minecraft theories are nothing new, with famous examples involving Herobrine and The End.
  • Now, a Redditor has suggested that Minecraft villagers are actually mushrooms, pointing out similarities in the textures between soup and villagers’ heads.
  • With commenters pointing out how villagers will often get lost underground where mushrooms grow, this fan theory has a decent amount of evidence to support it, even if it is likely a bit too dark to prove true.

A Minecraft player has shared a bizarre theory about the origin of the villagers, as they claim they are mushrooms. Minecraft is a game whose main target is children, but the sandbox surprises with its surprisingly deep lore. Part of this is due to the theories that Minecraft players have created over the years about characters, items, and objects.

One of the most famous Minecraft theories is about the dark origin of Herobrine, the “evil Steve,” who was supposedly the dead brother of the game’s creator, Notch. Previously, another player offered an intriguing theory about Minecraft‘s The End, explaining that the space-like dimension would be the future version of the Minecraft world, destroyed by the Endermen. Other theories pointed to Minecraft being a big dream of Steve’s and pointed to him as the game’s villain. Adding to the list of conspiracies surrounding Mojang’s sandbox, a Minecraft player has revealed their theory for one of the game’s items.


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Recently, Reddit user LuShree shared a theory claiming the villagers are mushrooms. The player showed an image pointing to a villager’s head and a mushroom stew, showing the similar textures on the two items and suggesting a bizarre connection between them. Mushroom stew is one of the best Minecraft foods, and the recipe for crafting the item is relatively simple. Minecraft players only need a brown mushroom, a red mushroom, and a wooden bowl. Once ready, they will have a great item to satisfy their hunger.

Minecraft Player Shares Dark Theory About The Villagers

The other Redditors got on board with the OP’s theory and offered their takes. One comment suggested that if villagers are mushrooms, Minecraft‘s suspicious stew would then be made of zombie villagers. Another player commented that their villagers often disappear and reappear months later trapped in holes 200 blocks deep, which would help support this fan’s theory. Another Redditor added details to the original theory, saying that villagers have long, large heads because they are the stem of a mushroom whose top has been cut off, which would explain why they are bald.

The theory for the origin of the villagers created by LuShree is interesting mainly because of how they occasionally disappear in the world of Minecraft, as one of the comments noted. Although this origin for the villagers is not official, it is yet another interesting theory from Minecraft fans, even if it is likely a bit too disturbing to eventually be proven true.

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November 18, 2011