The 15 Best Amazon Spring Sale Mouse & Keyboard Deals, Including Razer and Logitech

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale entices more buyers than other sales events, especially since many deals don’t require a Prime subscription. While spring shopping is often focused on gardening and outdoor products, it’s also a great opportunity to level up a gaming setup. Once their dream PC build is complete, gamers focus on finding the best gaming mice and keyboards.


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Budget and connectivity are two essential factors when deciding on a gaming mouse and keyboard. Wired mice and keyboards, which already offered more features for less money, are even more attainable during Amazon’s Spring Sale. However, since cordless gaming gear can now match wired alternatives in reliability, purchases are typically dictated by preference and budget.

The major players in the mouse and keyboard world, such as Razer, Logitech, and Corsair, have tempting deals for gamers. Game Rant has narrowed down what discounts buyers will most regret missing out on.

Best Amazon Spring Sale Mouse and Keyboard Deals

  • Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

    Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

    High-end keyboard at a mid-range price

    $110 $150 Save $40

    A strong contender for the best Amazon Spring Sale keyboard deal, the Huntsman V2 Analog showcases top-end technology at a modest price. This rugged full-sized wired keyboard is for gamers trying to maximize the functionality of their gaming gear. With analog optical switches that multiply the commands of each key, buyers may find themselves using their mice and controllers less and less.

  • best gaming keyboard deals

    Logitech G715 Gaming Keyboard

    Making setups distinctive at a discount

    $150 $200 Save $50

    The Logitech G715 is a breath of fresh air for black gaming setups, but it’s normally one of the most expensive keyboards. However, gamers can add this white cordless keyboard to their rigs during this Amazon Spring Sale at a severe discount. The G715 is every bit as capable as any top gaming keyboard, with responsive keypresses and powerful wireless connectivity.

  • Redragon K673 PRO keyboard

    Redragon K673 Pro

    Cheap customization

    $52 $77 Save $25

    Hot-swappable keyboards are all the rage these days, but that physical customization often comes at a steep premium. The Redragon K673 Pro is a compact 75% wireless keyboard that allows enthusiasts on a budget to experiment with any 3 or 5-pin switches. Regardless of how a custom switch performs, gamers can expect gratifying typing with noise that’s softened by extensive sound-absorbing foam.

  • Corsair M75 Air

    Corsair M75 Air Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse

    Lighter on mouse pads and wallets

    $80 $100 Save $20

    The most coveted gaming mice seem to be getting smaller and lighter but with increasingly higher price tags. Fortunately, the Corsair M75 Air is seeing its historically lowest sale price now. It has the best wireless mouse technology from Corsair with a 2000 Hz polling rate, which means no cursor movements are ignored. The M75 Air also offers enough palm support so casual gamers can jump into the action without learning complicated grips.

  • Logitech G502 Hero

    Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse

    The budget mouse that rules them all

    $45 $80 Save $35

    Wired mice like the Logitech G502 Hero can allow budget gamers to experience the benefit of the most accurate optical sensors. However, high-end corded mice can still be expensive, which is why the G502 is so attractively priced on this Amazon Spring Sale. It possesses a highly flexible 11-button layout, and gamers can use its adjustable weight system for a personalized ergonomic experience.

  • EVGA X20 Gaming Mouse

    EVGA X20 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    So much mouse for the money

    $18 $20 Save $2

    There are many interpretations of legitimate budget gaming gear, but no buyer can dispute how low-priced the EVGA X20 currently is. Even requiring a minimal investment, the X20 has a carefully crafted right-handed ergonomic shell. Adding more impact to this incredible Amazon Spring Sale deal, this wireless mouse can connect to sources with a USB RF dongle or Bluetooth.

Wireless gaming keyboards are here to stay, but they have failed to win over gamers at the same rate as cordless headsets and mice. With keyboards like the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, cable management is simple, and cutting-edge features are more accessible. On this Amazon Big Spring Sale, gamers can discover the benefit of the Huntsman V2 Analog’s analog optical switches. Its keys are ideal for low-latency competitive gaming, and each key can execute multiple commands. If black gaming peripherals look mundane, the Logitech G715 keyboard is a wireless white alternative. Part of Logitech’s Aurora Collection, which includes popular streaming gear, the G715 also has the battery life to persevere through the longest broadcasts.

Customization is a common theme in modern gaming keyboards and mice. For years, gamers had to be content with remapping buttons or changing RGB lighting on keyboards. Hot-swappable keyboards have recently entered the mainstream with affordable options such as the Redragon K673 Pro. The wireless 75% K673 Pro is dwarfed by full-sized keyboards like the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, but it’s a great way to experiment with custom switches. Whether a gamer prefers effortless typing or more decisive inputs, the K673 Pro can accommodate either.


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Being able to physically modify gaming gear can also add value to a mouse like the Logitech G502 Hero. Its 11 buttons are easily remapped in Logitech’s software, but few budget competitors can match its adjustable weight system. Gamers don’t feel too slowed down by the G502’s flexible cord, and by placing metal components underneath its shell, it can feel like a new mouse. As cheap as the G502 Hero is for Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, the wireless EVGA X20 is even more tempting as the first mouse for a casual gamer or a spare mouse for an esports pro. Surprisingly, the X20 can connect to virtually any PC or mobile device thanks to dual RF and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Recently released wireless mice rarely go on sale, so the Corsair M75 Air will likely not be discounted for long. Lightweight mice like the M75 Air can allow gamers to lock onto targets before the opposition can react. Its high DPI optical sensor also never skips a beat during competitive gaming with switches that utilize light beams for accurate inputs. While the M75 Air is sizable enough for most gamers, larger palms may find the beefier Logitech G502 more supportive.

Razer Amazon Spring Sale Mouse and Keyboard Deals

Deals on Razer keyboards and mice are always highly anticipated at each new Amazon sales event. One of the more enticing discounts is on the wired Huntsman V2 Analog, which showcases unique optical switches with adjustable actuation settings. Gamers can set specific keys to perform multiple actions depending on the pressure applied, and the keyboard can even act like a game controller. Besides its innovative analog optical switches, the Huntsman V2 Analog boasts excellent build quality and practical features like a full suite of media keys. Although the recently released Huntsman V3 Pro was the follow-up to this keyboard, most buyers will find its incremental upgrades don’t justify the price difference.


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As an evolution of Razer’s first gaming keyboard, the BlackWidow V3 will surely be the primary target of many Amazon Big Spring Sale shoppers. Instead of the optical switches seen on other Razer keyboards like the Huntsman V2 Analog, this BlackWidow V3 relies on traditional clicky green switches. Latency is still more than adequate for gaming, while the keys produce loud responses, confirming every successful input. The wired BlackWidow V3 is also an opportunity to experience highly customizable Razer’s RGB Chroma lighting at a reasonable price.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite is ideal for gamers who desire a portable wired keyboard that is suitable for work. With a detachable USB cord and a lack of a number pad, this keyboard can easily be packed in bags. Thanks to Razer Orange mechanical switches, its gaming performance is nothing to scoff at. The keys are remarkably quiet and cause fewer distractions in offices, but they remain accurate. Also, the keyboard is illuminated by white LED lights instead of typical Chroma RGB lighting. However, gamers won’t have to compromise on many other features with powerful macro functionality available.

Left-handed mouse users are too often left out of the fun, but the ambidextrous Razer Viper 8KHz is an option for every gamer. In addition, its performance and polling rate match or exceed any other gaming mouse in this price range. Competitive gamers who rely on a fingertip grip especially find the shape of the Razer Viper 8KHz appealing, and its shell is long enough to suit medium and larger hands. The Viper 8KHz also boasts a lightweight form factor and gamers accustomed to using wireless mice won’t be bothered by its pliable cord.

Logitech Amazon Spring Sale Mouse and Keyboard Deals

Logitech’s G715 wireless keyboard will likely attract the attention of many gamers during Amazon’s Spring Sale. Although its clean and bright exterior is a stark departure from most black gaming keyboards, it’s a dream for owners of white PC cases. If buyers prefer a different look, alternate top plates and keycaps of various colors are available. The wireless G715 doesn’t just depend on its good looks since its GX mechanical switches register inputs without hesitation. Gamers can also choose wireless connectivity through Bluetooth or an exceptionally low-latency USB RF dongle.


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While not technically a gaming keyboard, the Logitech K480 can become a valuable asset for mobile gamers. The compact Bluetooth keyboard connects to three sources simultaneously, and users can easily switch between them with a handy dial. Thoughtfully designed, the K480 includes a slot toward its top to prop up phones and tablets. Buyers will also experience far superior battery life than other compact gaming keyboards, with the K480 lasting a year or more on a pair of AAA batteries. While the keyboard won’t match the feature set of a larger Razer or Logitech alternative, it can save buyers from purchasing numerous platform-specific peripherals.

The Logitech G903 Lightspeed is one of the most popular wireless mice because its shape has mainstream appeal. Left-handed gamers have a wireless option since the mouse offers side buttons that can be placed on either side of the device. Its size accommodates most grips and gamers except those with smaller hands. However, wireless connectivity and battery life may be the G903’s best asset. The wireless mouse can last 140 hours on a single charge and is also compatible with Logitech’s Powerplay Wireless Charging Mat.

As advanced as wireless mice have become, wired mice remain the most enticing value during any Amazon sales event. As a budget corded mouse, the Logitech G502 Hero boasts an extremely accurate 25,600 DPI sensor and satisfying to press mechanical buttons. The mouse’s rather large but ergonomically friendly right-handed design provides relief to grinding gamers with several resting places for fingers. Even if a user finds that the G502 doesn’t feel quite right in a palm, its adjustable weight system adds customization that is not usually found on affordable mice.

More Amazon Spring Sale Mouse and Keyboard Deals

  • ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless DIY Mechanical Keyboard

    ASUS ROG Azoth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

    $200 $250 Save $50

  • SteelSeries Apex 9 TKL

    SteelSeries Apex 9 TKL HotSwap Optical Mini Keyboard

    $98 $140 Save $42

  • Redragon K673 PRO keyboard

    Redragon K673 Pro

    $52 $77 Save $25

  • Corsair M75 Air

    Corsair M75 Air Ultra-Lightweight Gaming Mouse

    $80 $100 Save $20

  • Corsair Katar Elite

    Corsair Katar Elite

    $60 $80 Save $20

  • EVGA X20 Gaming Mouse

    EVGA X20 Wireless Gaming Mouse

    $18 $20 Save $2

  • amazon holiday gift guide december deals

    ROCCAT Burst Pro Air Gaming Mouse

    $35 $70 Save $35

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is an opportunity to find bargains on some of the most cutting-edge wireless gaming keyboards. The Asus ROG Azoth is a 75% form factor keyboard, meaning there is no number pad, but other useful inputs like arrow keys survive. Even though it lacks much wasted space, Asus managed to place an OLED screen in its upper right corner, providing helpful notifications. The ROG Azoth is also one of the most customizable keyboards, and enthusiasts can swap out its mechanical switches with alternatives with differing typing feels. Considering the wireless keyboard packs Bluetooth and low-latency RF connectivity, it has already won over many gamers even before this discount.

Another 75% keyboard worth considering during this Amazon sales event is the Redragon K673 Pro. With its highly modifiable multi-colored keys, the K673 Pro is an affordable keyboard for coders and gamers. This small but mighty wireless keyboard is built with a unique gasket design, making it simple to swap out its mechanical switches. However, the keys also produce minimal noise, even during the most furious typing. Perhaps most impressive is the K673 Pro’s media dial, which can do anything from pausing songs to adjusting the keyboard’s brightness levels.

If gamers find 75% keyboards like the Asus ROG Azoth and Redragon K673 Pro a bit too restrictive, they can gain more functionality with the wired SteelSeries Apex 9 TKL keyboard. Home and End keys aren’t the only incentives the still compact Apex 9 offers buyers. Optical switches use light rather than physical mechanisms colliding to detect inputs, enabling multiple actuation points and commands per key. The ROG Azoth is not only more versatile than many full-sized competitors, but it is also as well-built as any keyboard. When the most enterprising gamers modify the hot-swappable keys, they may discover the considerable aluminum alloy used in its frame.

As an example of Corsair’s top mouse technology, the wireless M75 Air sports a high maximum DPI and a 2000 Hz polling rate. For gamers looking to raise their competitive levels, the M75 Air can ensure the best tracking accuracy possible by monitoring for the most minimal movements. It’s also exceedingly lightweight and a breeze to guide around mouse pads during competitive FPS gameplay. It’s rare to find a newer mouse discounted to this degree, and Bluetooth connectivity makes the M75 Air more practical than most esports mice. As Game Rant discovered in its review of the M75 Air, optical switches permit rapid-fire inputs to register instantaneously.


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During this Amazon Big Spring Sale, the Katar Elite is a more budget-friendly alternative to the most premium Corsair gaming mice. Nearly as lightweight as the M75 Air, it has a flatter shape appropriate for fingertip and claw grips. Otherwise, buyers can expect stellar battery life at over 100 hours and efficient RF connectivity mirroring the performance of the best wired gaming mice. The Katar Elite also fully integrates with the powerful iCue software, where gamers can customize its dash of RGB lighting and button mapping.

It’s surprising how a cheap wireless mouse can transform a gaming experience, especially during highly anticipated sales. The EVGA X20 continues to sell in droves because its sensor technology mimics that of the highest-end gaming mice. Its maximum DPI of 16,000 is more than adequate, but it can instantly detect lifts off surfaces, a play style used by the most talented gamers. Adding to its value, the X20 is also surprisingly well-built and comfortable for right-handed gamers to control. The X20 is an excellent gateway into the world of gaming mice and can function as a capable daily driver with Bluetooth and RF connectivity.


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Finally, with lighting an integral part of many gaming rigs, the Roccat Burst Pro Air is a spectacular-looking RGB mouse. With four different lighting zones, gamers can create more unique patterns than possible with most budget mice. The Burst Pro Air also tracks accurately with a 19,000 DPI optical sensor, and its lightweight symmetrical shape allows gamers to compete pain-free.