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Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers the Arisen multiple Vocations to choose from, each varying your play style, stats, and the Weapon Skills you’ll be able to use. At the start of the game, the first few Vocations will be fairly straightforward, usually being either a physical damage Vocation or a spell-caster.

As the player progresses, they’ll soon unlock access to some of the more complex Vocations, such as the Mystic Spearhand. This Vocation combines both the physical damage of a duospear along with various Magicks to diversify the player’s damage against enemies. One of the better weapons players can get in the base game for the Mystic Spearhand is the Dead Ringer; here’s where to find it.


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Where To Get The Dead Ringer Duospear in DD2

The Volcanic Island Armory Location On The Map

Players can purchase or find the Dead Ringer. For those looking for a free route to finding this weapon, it has the possibility of dropping from a Lesser Dragon. One of the guaranteed locations of a Lesser Dragon is at the top of Dragonsbreath Tower, found towards the southwestern point of Battahl. While Lesser Dragons are a bit rarer throughout the main game, they will spawn more often and become a recurring enemy in the Unmoored World. A Lesser Dragon will also appear as part of the Advent Of Calamity quest early in the game. While this Lesser Dragon is scripted to leave shortly into the fight, it can be killed from afar with a ranged weapon so as not to trigger its leave and kill it, with the Dead Ringer being a potential drop.

Another guaranteed yet expensive method of obtaining this weapon is by making your way to the final region of the base game, Volcanic Island. At Volcanic Island Camp there will be a blacksmith who sells this weapon for 56,000 gold. Players can reach Volcanic Island Camp as early as they want by sneaking into Battahl and continuing south to find and pass through Drabnir’s Grotto. This is a high-level dungeon, but players can run past any enemies to make it to the final region and get their endgame weapon.



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Dead Ringer Stats

The Dead Ringer In The Players Inventory



Slash Strength

Strike Strength

Knockdown Power






The Dead Ringer has the highest base stats of any Duospear in the base game and should be used by any Mystic Spearhand throughout the later events of the game. With its Strength and Magick being equal, the right enhancements can mold it to fit any player’s preferred damage output. While not the best Duospear throughout the endgame, the Dead Ringer does come with the second-highest Knockdown Power available for this class of weapon.

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