Teeny Tiny Trains is a new rail-based puzzler from the makers of Teeny Tiny Town

  • Teeny Tiny Trains challenges you to lay out complex rail-lines in this brain-teasing puzzle game
  • Inspired by classic childhood toys, you’ll get to watch your rail lines grow from tiny to enormous
  • From the makers of Teeny Tiny Town, Teeny Tiny Trains offers more fascinating fun for all ages

Teeny Tiny Trains is a new puzzler from the maker of Teeny Tiny Town. And just like that game, Teeny Tiny Trains will offer brain-teasing puzzles, captivating music and visuals inspired by every kid’s own classic wooden train set. Releasing today on iOS and Android, Teeny Tiny Trains takes you back to your childhood with an added layer of challenge for grown-ups.

Your challenge is simple; lay down wooden tracks for your trains to move along and get them to the correct station. But while you start off with simply going from point A to point B, you’ll soon be building complex layouts with a whole host of tracks to form your own railway empire right in the palm of your hand.

Check out the trailer for Teeny Tiny Trains below!

Teeny Tiny Games

Best of all, the fun doesn’t stop when you’re done with the existing levels! Because Teeny Tiny Trains also comes with its own level editor, allowing you to craft your own puzzles and play others as well.

Short Circuit Studios have already cut their teeth in creating critically-acclaimed Teeny Tiny Towns. And it seems they’ve moved from city-planning to rail-line crafting instead. We’re excited to see how Teeny Tiny Trains plays, as well as what could be coming from players when they get their hands on the level editor!

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