Amazing Valorant cosplay looks like Sage IRL with fans begging ‘revive me’

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Valorant is largely beloved because of its thrilling multiplayer PvP gameplay, but also because of its characters. Obviously the abilities have a lot to do with a character’s popularity, yet fans also adore Riot Games’ designs and lore. One of the most popular characters in the game is Sage, and fans have praised this Valorant cosplay as looking like Sage IRL while begging to be revived.

It’s been a fantastic month for the Riot Games community. Update 8.05 has been released with the patch notes available online, and this introduced the long-anticipated Agent 25, Clove. They are another incredible addition to the roster as Clove’s abilities including the power to self-revive make them arguably the best Controller class in the game.

While fans are absolutely head over heels in love with Clove, there is still lots of love for the original agents that have been part of the game since 2020. One of the most popular heroines is Sage, and this amazing cosplay looks so much like The Balm of Shaanxi in real-life.

Amazing Valorant Sage cosplay

Cosplayer kaye.cos has shared her amazing Valorant Sage cosplay on the game’s subreddit as well as her Instagram account. She’s cosplayed many of the Agents brought forth by Riot Games, but her portrayal of Sage is simply incredible.

Over on Reddit, there are replies saying she looks amazing, with many comments echoing the sentiment that she ‘looks exactly how she [Sage] would in real life’. One user even went as far as saying ‘This has to be one of the, if not the most accurate cosplays I’ve ever seen’. Some of the comments on her Instagram are also begging for her to ‘revive me’ and ‘heal me’.

You can find the cosplay down below along with an image of Sage for the sake of comparison. The cosplay does look incredible from the immaculate outfit to the identical pose and attention to all the little details.

Image credit: Kaye.cos on Instagram
Valorant Sage
Image credit: Riot Games

You can find even more fantastic Valorant cosplays on kaye.cos Instagram account. She’s also cosplayed as Fade, along with fellow agents Neon and Deadlock. She’s also brought to life characters from other iconic series such as Akali from League of Legends.

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