October 3, 2023

Think of your Starifled ship as an extension of you. When it gets damaged, you need to fix it, or it’ll explode alongside you and your companions, loot, contraband, everything. So you need to fix your ship before that happens using Ship Parts. Ship Parts are essentially just repair kits but with a fancier name.

Here’s our guide on Starfield Repair Kits – Where to Get Ship Parts.

Starfield Ship Parts – How to Get Repair Kits

1. Purchase Ship Parts from Vendors

If you’re looking to buy Repair Kits, aka Ship Parts in Starfield, start by searching in the Aid section of vendors’ inventories, mainly in Spaceports. These are kept alongside items like food and med packs. A tip to spot them easily: sort items by weight. At a hefty 10kg, Ship Parts will rise to the top, making them easier to find amongst the space hotdogs and chunks.

Almost any storefront should have them. However, Trade Authority kiosks might not be your best bet. We spotted Ship Parts at Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City and also at the Trade Authority storefronts on Mars and in Neon. The UC Exchange shops in New Atlantis and in Cydonia on Mars are also worth checking out.

2. Help out other Ships in Space

Another way to get a lot of Ship Parts for free in Starfield is by helping out other ships being attacked by bounty hunters, Crimson Fleet, or Va’Ruun ships. If you help out, the surviving ship will hail you, asking if you want anything. You can pick credits, ship parts, or the loot from the destroyed ships. By selecting Ship Parts every time, you’ll horde a fair few of them. You may even get Ship Parts from the salvage of destroyed ships!

Image: DPJ

3. Hail Other Ships in Space and ask to Trade

Hail ships out in space, such as Merchant Freighters and the like, and ask to trade. More often than not, these ships will have repair kits for you to purchase.

4. Look for Starship Debris

Sometimes, when scanning planets, you’ll find Starship Debris. Go to these locations, go loot crazy, and hunt down the storage crate, in that you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of Ship Parts as well as credits, armor, and weaponry, plus more. It’s not a guarantee, but you won’t have to spend any credits to get these repair kits. We got this tidbit from DPJ on his Best way to get Ship Parts YouTube video.

How to Repair Your Ship in Starfield

Your ship’s hull can get damaged, and Ship Parts are what you need to mend it. When in combat in space, your ship’s shields are the first line of defense. Once these are down, the hull starts bearing the brunt. If the damage to your hull hits rock bottom, expect to see your ship go boom, resembling scattered toy pieces, which, in my opinion, resemble Lego blocks.

In such dire situations, you’ll notice a prompt under the hull display on the lower right of your HUD. On a console, pressing the right thumbstick (RS) will use a Ship Parts repair kit. This repairs 4% of your hull every second for a span of 10 seconds.

Alternatively, the Ship menu offers another route to repair your hull. If your hull needs mending and you have Ship Parts on hand, a prompt will guide you on how to proceed, visible in the same lower right corner.

How to Repair Your Ship without Ship Parts in Starfield

There is another way to repair your ship in Starfield if you’ve run out of Ship Parts. Head straight to the nearest Spaceport. Your savior here is the Ship Services Technician, always found stationed next to a Trade Authority kiosk. A chat with them will get all the damages on your ship repaired for a measly 1000 credits.

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