Skull and Bones Testers Quit Game from ‘Sheer Boredom’


  • Skull and Bones, the long-awaited pirate action game from Ubisoft, has received underwhelming feedback and poor reception from players during recent beta tests.
  • Testers have reported issues with the game’s gameplay, including a lack of interesting features like sword fights, leading to a consensus that the gameplay is dull and boring.
  • The game’s release has been mired in controversies, including the Ubisoft Singapore scandal, and some testers believe that it is only being released to avoid legal trouble.

Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones is set to arrive quite soon for some major platforms, though many of the game’s beta testers are sharing their underwhelming experiences after spending time with the game. Two months before Skull and Bones‘ official launch, players now have additional insight into its redesigned gameplay, which is being met with a relatively poor reception.

Since it was first revealed in 2017, the Skull and Bones pirate action game has seen several delays. Throughout the years of Ubisoft Singapore working on the game, testers were invited to try out the ever-changing title. This year in particular has seen a few Skull and Bones closed betas, with the negative comments coming as a result of the most recent trial period. Despite the many delays by Ubisoft, an influx of alarming player responses indicates that the continuously postponed Skull and Bones may not be all that fun.


Skull and Bones Needs to Be in Shipshape Order for Its Release Date

Skull and Bones may finally release in the next couple of months, but if Ubisoft wants it to make a splash then it needs to ensure it is top notch.

Upon posting their disappointing experience on Reddit regarding the recent Skull and Bones beta, user achilleasa was met with many comments sharing similar experiences and thoughts. Other testers have noted issues with the game’s dialogue while drawing attention back to the lack of certain expected features like sword fights and naval combat more comparable to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag-like. Not much has been said about what exactly has improved or changed, and achilleasa was bored to the point where they quit the game after just one hour.

December 2023’s closed beta stage for Skull and Bones has seen many negative opinions shared by testers like this one, with returning beta players noting several issues with the gameplay that have remained despite multiple tests. The overall consensus is that the gameplay of Skull and Bones is dull, with fetch quests and dialogue from NPCs that feels endless being just some of the problems.

Additionally, the Ubisoft Singapore controversy is a troubling factor that players have not forgotten, as the sexual misconduct allegations within Ubisoft from 2020 remain fresh in many gamers’ minds. Additionally, testers have suggested that the only reason for Skull and Bones‘s release to happen at this point is due to funds being granted by the Singaporean government; essentially, the game must be released to avoid any legal trouble. This could very well be a reason that the game has been delayed time and time again, though this is speculation.

As of this writing, it appears that Skull and Bones won’t be delayed once more by Ubisoft. Despite the closed betas failing to generate praise, Ubisoft Singapore seems determined to deliver the long-awaited pirate game. Still, with the negative reception from testers in mind, there could be even more issues that arise when Skull and Bones finally arrives on February 16, 2024.


Skull and Bones

February 16, 2024

M for Mature: Blood, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Violence