On PocketGamer.fun this week: Challenging word games, detective role-playing and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

  • This week on PocketGamer.fun we check out some wicked word games
  • We also celebrate the role of a detective
  • Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is our Game of the Week

Regular readers of Pocket Gamer will be aware that we released a brand new website called PocketGamer.fun. It’s a site we’ve made in collaboration with domain specialists Radix, intending to help you find your next favourite game quickly.

So, if you’re looking for distilled recommendations, head over to the site, be greeted with dozens of great games and download any that take your fancy. Alternatively, if you’re happy with a little more reading, we’ll regularly post articles like this one to update you on what we’ve posted on the site in the last week or so.

Become a human spellchecker

Over the years, word games have proven enduringly popular on mobile. One of the reasons is because it’s something everything can understand. No matter what the mechanics are, vocabulary reigns king, and we can all improve our internal dictionaries. But, perhaps more importantly, they lend themselves to short bursts of fun, making them perfect for playing on the go. So check out PocketGamer.Fun’s best word games list.

Dust off your magnifying glass

I love solving mysteries. Whenever I watch a film, and there’s the hint of a twist, I’m immediately drawn in as I try to work out what’s going to happen before the big reveal. Detective games let us do this more actively, looking for clues and hints to unravel the wider mystery. We’ve picked out a few that are worth your time over on PocketGamer.fun.

Game of the Week

Probably no surprise with this one. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is, and will probably remain, one of the biggest releases this year. It brings the popular battle royale to iOS or Android, allowing you to test your shooting and survival skills against other players. There are other modes available, if the idea of being the last person standing is too stressful. Whichever mode you play, though, immediately link your Activision ID account to Warzone Mobile.

Check out PocketGamer.fun

If you haven’t visited our new site, please do! And while you’re there, bookmark it, pin it, or however you prefer to track your favourite websites. We update it weekly, so check back often for more recommendations of must-play games.