Seven Knights Idle Adventure celebrates 100th day anniversary with new events and epic rewards

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is celebrating its 100-day anniversary with the appropriately named 100th Day Anniversary Coupon Event. During the event, which runs until December 27th, enter the code ‘100SEKI’ in the coupon menu to gain access to a plethora of rewards, including 20,000 Rubies, Pet Summon Tickets, the 100-Day Celebration Cake, and more.

Also running through December 27 are the Winter Carnival Event and the 100th Day Anniversary Celebration Special Check-In Event. You’ll earn a Seven Knights hero by logging in consecutively for seven days during the 100th Day Anniversary Celebration Special Check-In event. Characters you can earn through the event include Rudy, Dellons, Chris, Eileene, Java, Spike, and Rachel. Through the Winter Festival Carnival Event, you’ll have the chance to earn power-up material like Gold and Hero EXP. You can also earn the Legendary Hero Weiser by participating in this event.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a continuation of Netmarble’s successful mobile title Seven Knights, which reimagines the original as an idle RPG. Seven Knights Idle Adventure continues the tales of characters from the original game. You can collect fan-favourite characters as you experience their new episodes.

Seven Knights Idle Adventure has also added two new heroes to the game, Xiang Yu and Diaochan. Diaochan is a support-type hero who casts healing abilities on her allies when she performs a critical strike. Likewise, she uses her buff skill to increase her ally’s hit rates. Xiang Yu is a melee-type character. You can use his passive skill to increase his chance of attack. Additionally, Xiang Yu’s critical hits reduce his opponent’s ability to evade attacks.

The game is also introducing a new zone that’s ripe for the conquering, Crimson Canyon. You can also earn the Legendary Hero Snolled via the new Snolled Challenger Pass. For more information and to stay up to date on the latest news, check out Netmarble’s official website.