The Finals players say the game needs Killcams

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The Finals is still a new game, having only been released in late 2023. This means that it is still finding its footing in a very saturated market, but so far the competitive shooter has been a hit with players. With The Finals still being new, it is still seeing new features and modes being added, and one highly requested feature that is currently missing from the game is Killcams.

Players have taken to Reddit to discuss the possibility of adding kill cams to The Finals, with the community being split between thinking it is a good and bad idea for the game. Some players would like to be able to see how they were eliminated as it can be a great learning tool as it can expose flaws in your mechanics such as movement. It would also help to identify cheaters, which is currently plaguing The Finals, allowing players to see aimbot and wall hacks in use which would make it easier to provide evidence to Embark Studios. 

On the other hand, some players claim it is unlikely to be added to the game due to the real-time destruction making it impossible to accurately replicate in the Killcam, this is also why Battlefield doesn’t have the feature. To implement this while recording and recreating the map destruction it would have a significant impact on the performance of the game. 

Image via Embark Studios

Another option that players discussed was to add a replay mode instead, allowing players to watch the full match back in real time. As this would be the game recreating data after the fact, it won’t have an impact on any in-game performance. Games such as Fortnite pull this off well and feature a level of destruction due to players being able to farm material and destroy structures. Whether the feature is implemented in the future remains to be seen, it has been a heavily requested feature in games such as Valorant which still hasn’t been added after multiple years. It would fit with the style of the game as it is portrayed as a game show, so it seems like a replay mode or Killcams would fit perfectly. 

Since The Finals launched in late 2023, players have been calling it a breath of fresh air and one of the best shooters on the market today. The Finals recently began Season 2 and finished its first Easter event. Now is the perfect time to jump into The Finals as it is only continuing to grow in popularity. To get started, we highly recommend checking out The Finals best Light build guide, best Medium build guide, and best Heavy build guide so you can create the perfect loadout to compliment your play style.