Saber Interactive CEO Gets Candid About Leaving Embracer Group

Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch recently discussed the company’s decision to part ways with Embracer Group. In a candid interview with IGN, Karch explained that the separation was mainly amicable but motivated by a desire to reduce risks related to Embracer’s financial challenges in a changing market.

In 2020, Embracer acquired Saber with hopes of boosting Saber’s growth. As the market conditions worsened, Embracer encountered financial challenges. This resulted in layoffs and project cancellations. While recognizing that Embracer made some mistakes, Karch still has a good relationship with Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors. He supports Wingefors and the company against criticisms, highlighting their dedication to quality intellectual properties and game developers. Karch clarifies that Saber’s main reason for leaving was to protect themselves, enabling them to steer clear of Embracer’s financial uncertainties.

“… When the market shifted, the market lost patience. And when the market lost patience, hard decisions had to be made because there was just no way to sustain everything that was going on. And so that’s why the layoffs occurred. I don’t think the layoffs that Embracer incurred to any larger or degree than they incurred anywhere else, but Embracer, because it acquired so quickly, has gotten a reputation because it’s had to lay off people quickly.”

Matthew Karch

Karch is sad about the separation but says he still has a good relationship with Embracer overall. He says that both companies benefited from the split. Embracer wanted to save money and concentrate, while Saber wanted to keep growing. Honestly, it’s hard to imagine how they couldn’t benefit since Embracer has often been in the news for laying off workers.

Karch also discussed Saber’s future plans, emphasizing a “middle-market” publishing strategy. Saber’s goal is to create top-notch games without the huge budgets of traditional AAA games. This is seen as a way to tackle the anticipated lack of game content in the upcoming years caused by layoffs and project cancellations in the industry.

Saber Interactive is currently working on several projects. They are prioritizing the highly anticipated game Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, as well as continuing development on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake and a new project from 4A games. Additionally, Saber intends to self-publish the upcoming title Painkiller, showing their confidence in their independent capabilities.