The Most Promising Part of The Recent Animal Crossing Leaks is Obvious


  • Animal Crossing leaks suggest a major multiplayer upgrade is coming, with a focus on collaborative gameplay and a dedicated multiplayer city.
  • Rumored features include mini-games like vehicle races, cake throwing, mouse hunt, and birthday celebrations for players.
  • If true, these leaks could revolutionize the franchise, bringing a new era of social gameplay to the series.

At the beginning of March, a leaker shared information regarding the next Animal Crossing game, and if these leaks hold any weight there could be one huge upgrade coming to the franchise. As one of Nintendo’s most popular exclusives, the Animal Crossing franchise has become one of the staples in cozy gaming, and one rumored feature could bring even more comfort to players in the future.

With each new entry in the Animal Crossing series, the games have improved. However, there are still a variety of features that could be added to Animal Crossing that would make the game even more fun to play. One of the best features to be added to the games is multiplayer. As the franchise has continued to evolve, the multiplayer has slowly gotten better and more dynamic, but recent leaks are hinting at the franchise’s biggest multiplayer improvement yet.


One Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tool is One Step Away From Being a Game-Changer

Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players customize a lot about their island, and the next game could use one tool to take this feature even further.

Animal Crossing Leaks Bode Well For Multiplayer

The leaks come from a source on Twitter known as Nash Weedle. The details revealed in a series of tweets suggest that Nintendo will be emphasizing a focus on multiplayer for the next game in the series. Details from the leak are pretty specific and even include claims that the next Animal Crossing is already slated for a 2026 release for the Switch 2. The information that Nash Weedle has divulged signals an obvious upgrade to how Animal Crossing‘s multiplayer gameplay is experienced.

Taking Collaborative Multiplayer Up A Notch

The leaks from Nash Weedle claim that collaborative multiplayer in the next Animal Crossing will be better than ever. Although New Horizons gave players the chance to invite fellow players and friends to their islands, the overall multiplayer was fairly restrictive in what it allowed.

That said, these new rumors suggest that Nintendo will strive to make the next game in the series a great social experience for players. The changes being speculated on could completely revolutionize the franchise and bring about a new era for Animal Crossing. From talk of mini-games to a shopping center where players can have their own stores to sell items to other players, it’s an exciting possibility.

A City Dedicated To Multiplayer Gameplay

One of the most exciting rumors surrounding the franchise’s revamped multiplayer is that there will possibly be a city completely reserved for online play. Nash Weedle has claimed that this multiplayer city will be dedicated to mini-games and player interaction. The leaks have even claimed to confirm just a few of the mini-games to be featured in the next Animal Crossing:

  • Vehicle races
  • Cake throwing
  • Mouse hunt
  • Birthday celebrations for players

Animal Crossing Rumors Are A Game Changer

If these leaks are actually true then this will be a complete game-changer for the Animal Crossing franchise. The long-running franchise has stuck to a fairly constant formula through the years, and although consistency can be great, sometimes making big changes is the best leap. Rumors surrounding the next Animal Crossing game have persisted for some time now, and these leaks should be taken with a grain of salt. There have been plenty of game leaks that have proven to be real in the past, though, so hopefully Nash Weedle’s claims hold weight.

As rumors about the Switch 2 continue, speculation about games to be featured on the upcoming console will follow. Nash Weedle’s claims may be completely legit, but it could also just be speculation and hopes disguised as a leak. Only time will tell if Animal Crossing is set to get an all-new multiplayer experience.

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