Run the Paris metro in new indie puzzle game Métropolitain

Guide passengers to the right train.

  • Help passengers reach the right train.
  • Experience the Paris Underground as it was in 1924.
  • Learn about the history of Paris’ metro system.

Explore the 1924 Paris Underground in a new puzzle game exclusively available on the App Store. Created by indie developer Jeroen Keij, Métropolitain tasks you with helping as many passengers as possible reach the correct metro before time runs out. To develop the game, Keij spent months researching the history of the Paris underground.

Métropolitain thrusts you into the role of chef de gare of the Paris metro, meaning it’s up to you to make sure everything runs smoothly. To earn the respect of passengers, you’ll need to guide them to the correct train. However, if you fail to help a passenger, their respect for you will drop.

The game features 25 levels, each modelled to represent a Paris metro station from 1924. When you finish a level, you’ll unlock historical information about the station, including the origin of its name. Each level is randomly generated each time you play, keeping gameplay fresh as you explore the metro’s history. As you explore the City of Lights’ famed metro, you’ll visit famous stations such as the Palais Royal and Place de Clichy.

The last time Paris hosted the Summer Olympics was in 1924, and the city is set to host the event again 100 years later. This inspired Keij to create Métropolitain. Through the new puzzle game, Keij aims to show what Paris was like in 1924 and how much it has changed over the last century.

Métropolitain is available for purchase now on the App Store for $1.99. Jeroen Keij is also the indie developer behind Tramways, a free puzzle game in which you must guide as many passengers as possible to the correct streetcar or subway in Amsterdam before time runs out.

You can also check out Keij’s titles Mexen, a classic dice game, and Ride The Bus by visiting their pages on the App Store.


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