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This Attack On Titan Revolution Reiss Guide tells you everything you need to know about this family lineage from rarity, family skills, buffs and more!

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Attack On Titan Revolution Reiss Guide

The Reiss lineage takes inspiration from Rod and Historia Reiss from the Attack on Titan franchise. This rare clan nestles into one of the top three rarest families within the game at Legendary rarity with a 0.05% roll rate. When you first join the AOT: Revolution experience, you’ll be automatically rolled into a family. It’s unlikely your first roll will be into the Reiss family, so be sure to collect Family Spins. Don’t forget that a reroll will wipe your previous lineage regardless of whether the new family rolled is of higher or lower rarity. Your clan is a gamble!

When joining the Reiss family, you enjoy the following permanent buffs (unless you reroll out of the family):

  • +10% Titan Stats
  • +10% EXP Booster
  • -10% Upgrade Costs
  • +5% EXP Booster for party members
  • Gain an extra Support Perk slot
  • Ability to Titan Shift

Reiss Family Skills

On top of your permanent buffs, you gain some nifty new movesets to trial during scouting missions. These Skills have a cooldown or conditions to use but tend to be the most powerful.

Conquer (Family Skill) – When activating this skill, all enemy Pure Titans within a radius of the player become stunned for 5 seconds.

Command (Family Skill) – On activation, the player drives a blade into the ground which applies the following  buffers:

  • +15% Blade Durability
  • +15% Critical Chance
  • +30% Damage Reduction
  • +4 Health regen to all local allies for 15 seconds

Arise (Family Skill) – The awakening bar which allows a player to Titan shift will begin to fill 30% faster per each Titan kill and hit.