September 24, 2023

Alina of the Arena, a roguelike deckbuilder with hex-based strategy from developer PINIX, will officially be ported to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox this year.

A concrete release date was not confirmed, though Alina of the Arena originally launched in 2022 and is available now on PC. You can watch today’s console announcement trailer on publisher DANGEN Entertainment’s YouTube channel:

Alina of the Arena centers on a gladiator fighting for survival, with an emphasis on positioning. Players can dodge or even get enemies to attack each other. Its straightforward gameplay loop is easy to pick up and play, which should mean its console versions shouldn’t have much trouble translating the controls.

Similarly, the game will definitely benefit from the mobility of the Nintendo Switch version. Its visuals don’t necessarily require next-gen tech, and its charming simplicity and swift pace are ideal for playing on the go.

However, Alina of the Arena is also something of a hidden gem, as the majority of PC reviews have been very kind since launch. So, it’s very likely to thrive on all of the new consoles, especially if it can land on some subscription services. Although an Xbox One version isn’t outright confirmed, DANGEN Entertainment’s official site for Alina does mention the PlayStation 4.

PINIX Games is an indie developer from Taiwan, and their only other title is Wanna Survive, a zombie game from 2019 that also got decent reviews. Alina of the Arena is arriving late to a terribly busy genre, and openly admits the influence of Slay the Spire.

But its scope is small, and there should be enough little twists to interest casual gamers. Today’s trailer highlights some of Alina’s thematic items and cozy attitude, so it may end up on a few wishlists.

You can read more about Alina of the Arena, DANGEN Entertainment, and other indie updates by following our news section.

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