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November is here, and that means a new month in the Roblox world of Skate Park. For those who may not be familiar with Skate Park, it’s essentially a skateboarding simulator that might not have the graphics like a Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but it might be just for you if you’re looking for some boarding fun.

In Roblox’s Skate Park, players can use Credits to upgrade their boards, and one way you can earn Credits is through codes. There are currently several active codes for Skate Park, and you can find the active ones right below.

How to redeem these codes

In order to redeem codes in Skate Park, scroll over to the left-hand part of the screen and select the Codes tab. Once you do, you’ll see an option to enter the codes into the game.

Active Codes

  • vacation – Credits
  • skateboarding – Credits
  • ThisTheSeason – Credits
  • HOLIDAY – Cand Cane Board and Snowflake Wheels
  • NEWPARK – Credits
  • 7k – Credits
  • 8k – Credits
  • 100k – Credits
  • flamingo – Credits
  • milo – Credits
  • race – Credits
  • razor – Credits
  • retromada – Credits
  • sorry – Credits
  • starsub – Credits
  • update – Credits

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