Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart codes

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If you’re an anime fan, you can’t have missed Chainsaw Man as one of the past year’s biggest releases. It was only a matter of time before Roblox experiences were released based on the adventures of Denji, Power, and Makima, which is where Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart comes in. Fight powerful devils and wield incredible powers in this action-packed Roblox game.

The developers of Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart usually release new codes to coincide with large updates to the game, which is still in early development. These codes offer bonus Experience Points for players who redeem them. However, codes for this game, like in Roblox DOORS, don’t tend to last long so be quick to redeem them.

All Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart codes

Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart codes (Working)

  • !code OMeeGawd75KSkillPointResetCode — Reward: Skill Reset (New)
  • !Code Yo70KContractResetCode — Reward: Contract Reset (New)
  • !Code 60KLikesHybridReset —Reward: x1 Hybrid Reset
  • !Code HappyHolidays — Reward: x2 EXP
  • !Code NEWROKYONEWSKILLRESET — Reward: Skill Tree Reset
  • !Code QUPDATE — Reward: 1k Yen
  • !Code sub2vibezy — Reward: 5k Yen

Roblox Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart codes (Expired)

  • !Code HAPPYHALLOWEENSPRESET — Reward: Skill Reset
  • !Code 2xExpForTheDataReset — Reward: XP Boost
  • !Code Sub2AbsintoJ — Reward: 1k Yen
  • !Code POWER — Reward: 5k Yen
  • !Code FinallyNewUpdateVeryLongCodeContractReset — Reward: Reset stats
  • !Code BIGDATARESET — Reward: 500 Yen and 30 EXP
  • !Code 28KLikesContractReset — Reward: Reset Your Contracts
  • !code 18khybridreset — Reward: Reset your Hybrid
  • !code 10klikesskillpointreset — Reward: Reset Stats
  • !code sorryforshutdownsanddataissue — Reward: 5000 Yen
  • 5kLikesContractReset — Reward: Experience Points and Skill Reset
  • omgbigupdatefr — Reward: Free Experience Points and 1000 yen 

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How do you redeem codes in Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart

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It is easy to redeem codes for Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart, but it is slightly different than most Roblox experiences. You need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart
  2. Click on the Chat icon in the top left corner of the screen
  3. In the chat text box, type !Code followed by the code you want to redeem (ie; !Code omgbigupdatefr)
  4. Hit Enter and the rewards should be added to your current character.

How can you get more codes for Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart 

Despite still being in early access, Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart has already built a strong community. The developers are very active in the game’s Discord server, which is where previous codes have first been announced. Once you join, follow the #snak-peak channel to be the first to hear about new codes dropping.

Why won’t my Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart codes work?

Most of the time, if your codes aren’t working for a Roblox experience it is because they have already expired. Most developers only intend for codes to be active for a short amount of time before they are either removed or replaced. It might have been removed without any warning, so check the Discord server to see if a new code has been released. If you’re sure the code should be working, make sure you’ve typed it carefully. These codes are case-sensitive so it is easy to make a small typo when putting it into the chat window.

How many contracts can you have in Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart?

Devil hunters in the Chainsaw Man anime make contracts with powerful devils to fight other devils, so it makes sense that Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart would implement a similar system. You can make more than one contract in the game, but the limit, no matter how powerful the corresponding devil, is three contracts. You’re welcome to have fewer, but the developers have put a firm cap in place for balance purposes.

What kind of game is Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart?

In Roblox Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart, you’ll be dropped into a large city map and asked to battle against powerful bosses which spawn every few minutes. This action RPG game sees you form contracts with devils through the game’s skill tree before joining up with other players and characters from the anime. Aside from the bosses, there are smaller fiends that you can battle against to earn experience points and yen.

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