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Hello, fellow Ikemen Villains William Rex fans. I too, am one of you guys. As soon as I booted up the game for the first time, I selected his route instantly. If you haven’t chosen a character route yet, let me introduce you to the King of Villains…

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Ikemen Villains William Rex

Well, well, well. If you’re here, you’ve fallen for yet another white-haired, red-eyed character.

Who is William Rex?

William Rex is known as the King of Villains, often referred to as that by Her Majesty herself. He may seem cold and abrasive on the outside, but you’re sure to unveil his softer side once you get to know him.

As the best member of the Crown circle of villains, you best be keeping one eye open for any trouble. He’s villainous and sometimes cruel, but he sure knows how to sweet talk. Cursed by the Queen of Hearts (the one from Alice in Wonderland), William is destined to pursue those who he wants to fall into darkness, whilst also ‘becoming their own master’. Funnily enough, he prides himself on believing people should have freedom, yet he lures you into his own world bit by bit.

Should You Pick Him?

It’s safe to say he’s one of the more popular villains to choose for your first route. After all, he’s the first character to be introduced. Some may prefer the bubblier characters or the straight-up mean ones, but William Rex certainly has a dark charm to him. I have to admit, he was my first choice, and I’m currently playing through his route right now.