PSP Go Mod Gives the Old Handheld a Massive Upgrade


  • A new mod for the PSP Go is making a major upgrade to the digital-only handheld’s storage capacity, allowing players to use MicroSD cards instead of the standard Memory Stick.
  • The mod features a simple installation process, only requiring players to cut a few plastic tabs and secure the adapter with tape.
  • While the PSP Go did not see success for Sony, the console is now regarded as ahead of its time for its digital-focused approach.

A mod for the PSP Go is making a major upgrade to the digital-only Sony handheld, significantly expanding the console’s storage space. The ill-fated digital-only PlayStation Portable was first debuted by Sony in 2009 as an entirely new revision of the popular handheld, featuring a digital-only design. The spinoff console dropped compatibility with the PSP’s “UMD” discs in favor of a more modern approach, exclusively featuring digital games and media on the handheld. Now, a new mod for the PSP Go is looking to combat one of its biggest drawbacks.

While the PSP Go did not see the success Sony would have hoped for, the console’s premise was notably ahead of its time. Sony’s digital-only concept for the PSP arrived at the onset of gaming’s shift towards digital media, in the early days of online marketplaces like Steam and the PlayStation Store. The console’s launch in 2009 ended in failure for the developer, being shelved only two years later as Sony shifted focus to the PlayStation Vita. Now, a new mod is making a major upgrade to the digital-only handheld’s storage.


Rumor: New PlayStation Handheld in Development

According to a new rumor making the rounds online, Sony could be working on a brand-new PlayStation handheld system.

As reported by Time Extension, a video from YouTuber Macho Nacho Productions showcases a new mod for the PSP Go, making changes to the console’s hardware to improve its storage capacity. The mod, developed by “Genius Game Mods,” is an adapter for the PSP Go, allowing players to use a MicroSD card instead of the proprietary Memory Stick. The mod kit features an easy installation process, only requiring players to cut a few plastic tabs and slot the adapter into the Memory Stick slot before securing it with the included tape. The homebrew kit for the digital-only PSP also comes at an affordable price, only costing $13 USD.

PSP Go Mod Improves the Handheld’s Storage

The new mod for the PSP Go comes as the PSP left a lasting legacy with Sony fans that remains to this day. Sony’s PS Plus Premium subscription features an extensive library of PSP games included, featuring some of the console’s most popular games like Killzone: Liberation and Ridge Racer 2. Fans have even discovered some functions of the PSP continue to work to this day, with the PSP’s GPS feature still operating properly 16 years after its debut.

While Sony hasn’t featured a main handheld console since the PS Vita was discontinued in 2019, the developer still offers plenty of flexible options for players. The PS4 and PS5’s Remote Play function allows players to stream their console gameplay to PCs and mobile phones. Sony also debuted the PlayStation Portal last year, serving as an extension of the PS5 allowing players to stream their console games to the device, similar to the Wii U’s gamepad. The PSP Go’s newest mod serves as a tribute to a Sony handheld that was ahead of its time.



The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, marks Sony’s first leap into the handheld gaming space, usually dominated by Nintendo. Their compact system featured small discs and featured quite a few PSP-exclusive titles during its run. Its direct competitor was the Nintendo DS during the seventh-generation of console wars.


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