Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival kicks off today!

  • Pokémon Unite’s Dragon Carnival kicks off today and runs through to June 12th
  • Get exclusive cosmetics, a new licence for a Dragon-type Pokémon and more
  • Participate in exclusive in-game events featuring only Dragon-type Pokémon

With Pokémon Unite’s latest event here, it’s about time you break out your Poké Balls. But not just with any type, because this time around, fittingly for 2024, it’s the Carnival of the Dragon that’s taking place. Until the 12th of June, you’ll be able to participate in exclusive Dragon-type-only battles for special rewards.

By clearing this mission you’ll get a Licence and Holoware of your choice from any of 5 Dragon-type Pokémon. Even more than that, there are also additional challenges to obtain Raihan’s Trainer Fashion to give yourself a makeover.

As we said, it’s rather fitting that the Carnival of the Dragon is happening this year, as 2024 also marks the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac. 

Stop Dragon your feet

It’s been a big month for Pokémon Unite so far, with the upcoming World Championship set to take place in Honolulu Hawaii. This latest event gives you the chance to grab another type of Pokémon and some cosmetics, although some might be hoping for some bigger and better stuff coming up to such a big esports event.

Still, it’s also a big time for Pokémon globally. The upcoming Pokémon TCG Mobile game could serve to breathe new life into not just Pokémon on mobile but also the series as a whole as it means players on mobile can now easily play a digital version of the hit card game which spawned the entire franchise.

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