Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket Revealed


  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is the newest mobile app from The Pokemon Company, offering fans a new way to play the TCG on mobile devices.
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket offers streamlined gameplay and daily free packs for players to build their collections.
  • The Pokemon Company heavily promoted the re-designed visuals for the game’s cards, featuring immersive art with players able to see the full scenes.

The Pokemon Company officially revealed Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket as the newest mobile app focused on the mega-popular franchise’s TCG version. Throughout the nearly three-decade history of the beloved monster-catching series, the associated trading card game has been one of its most popular properties. Pokemon cards are a hot commodity with both fans and collectors, with some of the game’s rarest cards fetching thousands of dollars. Now, The Pokemon Company has officially unveiled a brand-new way for players to experience the game on mobile devices.

The Pokemon Company has experimented multiple times with mobile versions of the beloved Pokemon TCG. Last year saw the official launch of Pokemon Trading Card Game Live, the newest way for players to play the game on mobile as a successor to the long-running Pokemon TCG Online app. The Pokemon Company also confirmed that players would be able to transfer all of their cards from the previous version, allowing the game’s most passionate players to keep their collections. Now, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket will introduce yet another variation of the TCG.


Pokemon Trading Card Game Online Reveals Shutdown Date and Pokemon TCG Live Migration Details

The sun is officially setting on Pokemon Trading Card Game Online as the official date it will be removed from app stores for good is announced.

During Tuesday’s Pokemon Presents broadcast, The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket as its newest collaboration with TCG developer Creatures, Inc and mobile developer DeNA. The app will offer players the ability to open packs, trade, and battle on mobile devices, with each player earning two free packs of digital Pokemon cards per day. The Pokemon Company also billed the re-designed visuals for Pocket‘s cards, featuring “immersive” cards that allow players to dive into the art. Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is expected to release sometime during 2024.

Pokemon TCG Pocket Mobile App Announced

Alongside the pack opening-focused trailer, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket gave a brief hint about how the new version of the game will play. Pocket is set to feature a new set of rules based on the original game, designed to be a more “streamlined” version promising quicker battles with other players. The app takes a similar concept of “simplified gameplay” to other mobile-focused TCG apps like Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links, offering a snappier version of the main game catered to mobile devices.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket comes as one of two major new game announcements to be featured during the Pokemon Day livestream. The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Legends: Z-A as a continuation of the popular Legends spinoff series, introduced with 2022’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While not much was revealed about the game, Legends: Z-A is expected to whisk players to a new version of the Kalos region first featured in Pokemon X and Y. Between Pokemon Legends: Z-A and Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, The Pokemon Company looks to have plenty on the way for fans.


Pokemon TCG

Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is a collectible and strategy based card game based on Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. Two players face off against one another, battling one Pokemon at a time and attempting to knock them out to claim one of six prize cards. The cards have also become highly collectible with some in particular selling for thousands of dollars. 

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October 20, 1996