Dark and Darker Mobile reveals new features in exclusive trailer

The trailer shows off pure PvE and PvP dungeons as well as even greater challenges

  • Dark and Darker is a fantasy extraction ‘shooter’ where you adventure through dungeons
  • Fight off monsters, loot treasure and evade or dispatch other players to escape the depths
  • The newest exclusive trailer shows off a host of additional features for Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker Mobile, the adaptation of the upcoming hardcore extraction hack-n-slash, has revealed a host of new features in their latest trailer. Challenging you to explore an enormous dungeon in the role of a fantasy adventuring party, Dark and Darker boasts hardcore, challenging combat and the threat of traps, monsters and most importantly, other players.

The new trailer that debuted today shows off two new variants of dungeon; pure PvE and PvP featuring only monstrous enemies and only player-controlled enemies. Additionally, players will be able to take advantage of a sidekick system that lets them bring along AI-controlled partners to round out their expeditions if they’re short on players. Additionally, there’s the biggest threat facing adventurers thus far in the high-level ‘Endgame’ dungeons.

Removing the ‘hard’ from hardcore?

Admittedly, even as we write this we can already hear the outpouring of anger from competitive-focused players at the idea of purely focusing on fighting monsters. Equally, we can predict the same response from those who don’t like the idea of facing off constantly in pure PvP.

But, these are both optional modes, and we would say that more options are always good. And with Dark and Darker having already made a huge impression on players when its PC version was briefly in early access, mobile gamers have an equally exciting prospect in Bluehole Studios’ version.

We’ve already got a basic guide – inspired by both the mobile and PC versions – giving you the top tips for getting started with Dark and Darker. But if this news is anything to go by, we may need to update that as Krafton adds brand-new features to this version!

You might also want to get to grips with each class. Our personal recommendation on the best class in Dark and Darker for beginners? Clerics have healing, decent armour and attack, making them an excellent way to learn the game and serve as a lynchpin for your team.

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