Pokemon Fan Designs Incredible Blastoise, Koffing, and Porygon Poke Balls


  • A Pokemon fan has used a 3D printer to create amazing Poke Balls inspired by Blastoise, Koffing, and Porygon, reflecting the appearance of the Pokemon inside.
  • Each Poke Ball design in the Pokemon franchise has unique traits and bonuses that affect the Pokemon it holds, and these custom designs show what it could be like if the Poke Ball changed to match the Pokemon’s qualities.
  • Fans can purchase these custom designs on the creator’s Etsy shop, with prices ranging from $54.37 to $81.56, and there may be the possibility of more designs being added in the future.

A Pokemon fan has used a 3D printer and their artistic talent to create an incredible trio of Poke Balls based off of Blastoise, Koffing, and Porygon. The Pokemon’s iconic appearances are replicated excellently, and have led some fans to imagine what it would be like if a Poke Ball reflected the appearance of the creature kept inside it.

While Pokemon got its start with just a few Poke Ball designs, there are now over two dozen, with each having unique traits and bonuses. Some of these perks make it easier to catch a Pokemon, while others give a boost to the pocket monster they hold. Generally, it’s a Poke Ball that has an impact on a Pokemon and not the other way around, but these three designs show what it could be like if a Poke Ball changed to match the Pokemon’s qualities, instead.


Pokemon’s Best Use Case for Each Poke Ball Explained

The Poke Ball is an iconic symbol of the Pokemon franchise, but the many different variations available in-game are useful in specific situations.

Pokemon fan threerobots shared their three latest creations on Reddit with fans of Pokemon and 3D printing. The Blastoise ball is extremely shiny, with sparkling chrome detailing and cannons, a brown top for the shell, and little blue pegs emulating a Blastoise’s legs. The second Poke Ball is a bit simpler in design, though the purple color and indentations make it clear that its design is based on Koffing. Finally is the Porygon Poke Ball, which is notably less shiny than the other two, and is more angular than rounded like a standard Poke Ball would be.

Making a Custom Poke Ball

Pokemon fans were quick to express how impressed they were with the creations, and some were interested in buying them. Others wondered how they were made, and threerobots graciously answered some questions on the matter. According to threerobots, after printing out the basic designs on a resin printer, they sanded them down using 400 grit sand paper. From there, they airbrushed the Poke Balls with a chrome base and clear colors on top.

It was all done with an airbrush in the following order: • Tamiya liquid surface primer • Alclad gloss black base • Alclad chrome • Mr gx clear color • Alclad Aqua gloss


Fans who are interested in purchasing one of these three designs can find them on the user’s Etsy shop, with prices ranging from $54.37 to $81.56 at the time of writing. While the three designs seen in the post are the only ones available in the shop, it’s possible that more varieties could eventually surface. Threerobots previously made waves on Reddit when they shared a video demonstrating their original Poke Ball designs. Several designs they haven’t yet 3D printed drew interest from fans, so perhaps they’ll expand the line in the future.



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