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If you’ve obtained a ton of cool-looking characters, but you don’t know if they’re actually worth it on the battlefield, then you can use our Pixel Heroes Tier List! Assemble a team, head into idle combat, and reap those rewards.

Head to the game’s official website to learn more. We’ve got a Pixel Heroes Codes guide that lists every active code in the game right now, granting you the ability to get a trove of goodies for free!

Pixel Heroes Tier List

Not sure which Pixel Hero is the best to put in your party? Thanks to the game focusing on idle combat, it doesn’t feel as punishing when a battle goes wrong. Still, if you plan to blast through content easily, then it’s best to take note of the best and worst characters in the game so far.

S Tier

The strongest Pixel Heroes in the game!

  • Goddess of War Valkyrie
  • Psychopomp Charon
  • God of Time Cronos
  • Floriya Melissa
  • Camarilla Bloodline Toreador

A Tier

Powerful, punchy, and precise.

  • Shroud Walker Chen
  • Star Guardian Freyja
  • Succubus Adlith Morrigan
  • Goddess of Death Hela
  • Lost Torrent Yuna
  • Snowflakes Annelia
  • Lady Justice Themis
  • King of Uruk Gil

B Tier

Just because a character is average doesn’t mean they’re bad. I recommend keeping them on your team as long as you have stronger units to back them up, or you’ve upgraded your B-tier units sufficiently!

  • Stellar Master Alkaid
  • God of Death Thanatos
  • Dawn Paladin Brigitte
  • Divine Hammer Frostie
  • Divine Dancer Gronru
  • Dragonborn Mona
  • Forest Princess Elena
  • Wings of Wish White Star
  • Blast Bunny Alice
  • Acolyte Raphaela
  • Moonborn Hudson
  • Ent Garret
  • Iron Fist Ryu-Lin
  • Siren Syndra
  • Eternal Spear Irelia
  • Green Ranger Caroline
  • Fuzzy Prowler Anata
  • Barbarian Puck

C Tier

Swap them out when you get literally anything better. You’ll only find these characters useful in the very early game.

  • Whisper of Wind Royelle
  • Shepherd’s Dream Sicinina
  • Phoenix Garuda
  • Silver Hunter Diana
  • Bounty Hunter Edha
  • Novice Magician Lilith
  • Glory Excalibur Allande
  • Ice Guardian Ainu
  • Duo Lancer Minos
  • Shaman Abka
  • Spirit Prophet Zorshan

D Tier

The weakest Pixel Heroes around!

  • Darcy
  • Novice Swordsman Executer
  • Hunter Aivenk
  • Jac Orc
  • Deadeye Jelika

About Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a pixelated adventure game on PC and mobile devices. Adorable sprites take part in idle battles with a sprinkle of real-time mechanics and turn-based. It’s great for casual players, and despite the idle nature of the game, it’s very rewarding! With cute characters to collect, loot to obtain, and a story to delve into, Pixel Heroes is a lovely way to pastime.