Wildfrost is a roguelike deck-builder that’s making the jump to iOS and Android

  • Wildfrost is a roguelike deck-builder where you battle to save the world from the titular peril
  • You’ll recruit companions, unlock new cards and rebuild the redoubt of Snowdwell
  • It’s coming to iOS and Android on April 11th for $6.99

Hit roguelike deck-builder Wildfrost is set to make the jump from PC to mobile when it comes to iOS and Android on April 11th. Published by Chucklefish Games and developed by Gaziter and Deadpan Games, Wildfrost takes you through a frozen world on an epic quest to save a land overtaken by the titular Wildfrost.

In Wildfrost, you’ll battle to save the world with the only respite being your home base of Snowdwell and its tenacious survivors. To aid in your quest you’ll collect a deck of powerful companions and elemental items to use in battle. Wildfrost promises to mix the narrative experience of an adventure game with the deep strategy of a deck-building card-battler.

Check out the new mobile release trailer below!

Draw four

Wildfrost promises to be a unique and engaging deck-builder, as you need to be in the current market to compete with juggernauts like MTG, Hearthstone or Yu-Gi-Oh. Despite the somewhat grim backstory giving us flashbacks of Frostpunk, Wildfrost looks to offer a much softer, more fantastical take on the idea of wintry survival.

We’re equally pleased to see more deck-builders make their way to mobile. Alongside major releases like Warpforge or the upcoming port of PC hit Balatro, it appears that mobile deck-builders are having something of a renaissance. This makes sense considering the suitability of these games for a smaller screen.

Wildfrost, meanwhile, will hit storefronts on iOS and Android on April 11th for the price of $6.99.

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