September 28, 2023

Developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega have announced that Total War: PHARAOH will be released on PC on October 11. The game will be available early—on September 29—for those that pre-order the game.

Total War: PHARAOH is a return to more history-based titles for Creative Assembly, following Total War: Three Kingdoms back in 2019 and Total War Saga: Troy back in 2020. This time around, the studio is focusing on Ancient Egypt as its setting of choice.

Alongside the classic Total War gameplay, Total War: PHARAOH is set to introduce a new feature that will allow players to customise their campaigns. Players will be able to make use of options like randomised starting locations for all factions, resource settings, and the ability to play around with natural disasters.

The game will also feature a host of factions to play with, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities and units. Playable factions include the Hittites, Canaan, Anatolia, and Egypt.

For more details about Total War: PHARAOH, check out the deep dives for the Canaanite faction, as well as the Egyptian faction.

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