Palworld Guide Hub – Tips, Base Building, Best Pals, & More

Palworld is an open-world creature collection survival game developed by Pocket Pair, Inc. The game has players washing up on the Palapagos Isles (or whichever alternative name the player typed in when making the world) with nothing but a mysterious “Paldeck” to guide them. By catching various Pals that inhabit the islands and using them to battle and build shelter, players will fight against a sinister poaching organization while investigating the myriad mysteries of the islands.

Palworld was released in Early Access on the 19th of January 2024, selling over six million copies in the first eight hours and introducing countless players to the wonderful world of befriending Pals for fun and profit. With many different biomes to explore and a ton of dungeons to dive into, the Palapagos Isles have lots to offer for anyone who enjoys exploring and monster-catching in a vast open world.

  • General Tips & Tricks

    Palworld Opening Scene

    When Getting Started in Palworld there’s lots to learn, so here are some useful tips and tricks for surviving and exploring the Palapagos Isles. Naturally, there’s also advice on mistakes to avoid and information on how to set up multiplayer here too. Players will also find information on exploring the world here, such as ways to deal with hot and cold temperatures and explanations of many basic mechanics. 

  • Pals & Where to Find Them

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    Pals are an essential part of Palworld’s gameplay, so this section contains guides on how to catch, summon, and care for Pals. Of course, it also includes some information on how to put them to work. At the time of writing, the Paldeck contains entries for 111 different Pals, so as their locations are discovered we’ll be adding guides on their locations to this section.

    • Caring for Pals & Putting them to Work

  • Crafting & Base Building

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    Palworld has a heavy focus on survival elements, so it’s important to have somewhere to rest, grow food, and craft items for the next expedition. These guides explain how to craft useful items and establish bases in the wilderness of the Palapagos Isles. Many of the items that can be crafted are useful in exploration too, or are simply necessary to survive, so these guides are likely to remain useful throughout a playthrough as players unlock more crafting recipes and construction materials on their journey.