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The Anime Roulette Dragon Ball is an item that every player needs. In fact, you need multiple of them for a variety of activities. The most difficult part of obtaining a Dragon Ball, is the tricky RNG, but is there a way to make it easier?

Roll on and start up Anime Roulette via the official Roblox page! If you need a break from the Dragon Ball searching, have a read of our Anime Roulette Auras guide or our Anime Roulette Super Rolls guide.

Anime Roulette Dragon Ball

Before we begin, it’s best to discuss what exactly these elusive Dragon Balls are. Well, you’ve probably guessed that they’re a reference to Dragon Ball Z, but that’s not all. In Anime Roulette, the Dragon Balls are used to increase your luck significantly. And with the RNG nature of the game, you need all the luck you can get. This time, it’s not Shenron’s Wish you’re aiming for, it’s a 200% luck boost!

Where to Find Dragon Balls

Location-wise, Dragon Balls are more likely to appear during the Snowy Biome event, with a 1 in 320 chance of spawning. Every Dragon Ball has a certain number written on it, specifically from 1-7. When collected, you get a 200% luck boost for 5 minutes.

When the Snowy Biome event isn’t active, a Dragon Ball has a 1 in 1,000 chance to appear. I suggest server-hopping in quieter servers in the hope that a Dragon Ball has spawned in, or a Snowy Biome is occurring.

Dragon Ball Recipes

Also, you need to collect Dragon Balls for certain recipes. That is if you’d prefer to use them in crafting rather than for a luck boost, but that’s up to you! The recipes below require quite a few Dragon Balls, so decide whether or not you want to prioritise the luck boost first. Luckily, the Dragon Balls do respawn, but you’ll have to wait a bit (or visit another server).

The Dragon Radar

The Dragon Radar luck boost item needs 3 Dragon Balls, 6 Slayer auras, 7 Hollow auras, and 9 Saibaman auras. This item grants you a permanent +1 luck buff when you equip it to your character!

Requiem Arrow

This one needs a few more Dragon Balls compared to the Dragon Radar item. For the Requiem Arrow, you must collect 7 Dragon Balls, as well as have 15 Stand Arrows in your inventory. The Stand Arrows are frequently found dotted around the map.

The Dragon Slayer

This crafted item requires a singular Dragon Ball… and then you look at the rest of the recipe. You must collect 50 of each aura listed, which are Hollow, Ghoul, Saibaman, and Titan! By using the Dragon Slayer item, you unlock Gut’s Sword (yes, the main guy from Berserk!).


5 Dragon Balls for the Scouter! As well as 10 Saibaman auras, 1 Super Saiyan aura, and a Dragon Radar (see above for the crafting recipe). The Scouter increases your luck by +2, making it stronger than the Dragon Radar, so it’s a good job you have to get rid of it for this recipe!


Instead of using a Dragon Ball for the 200% luck boost, why not use 7 of them for a cosmetic title instead? Crafting the Nimbus item rewards you with the Nimbus title… and that’s it.


7 Dragon Balls are needed for this item too! You need to combine them with 15 collected Stand Arrows though, before being able to craft it and obtaining the Berserk title.