Palworld fan shares incredible secret for super efficient farming method

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Every Palworld base builder knows efficiency is always key. Whether that’s capturing all the monsters or making sure you get a lot of resources – when you want to build a base, you want to do it quickly. That also goes for the food to feed your Pals.

Now, users on the Palworld Reddit have come up with an ingenious method to make a farm that, if done correctly, will see you and your Pals churning out veg rapidly. The method has been put into video form by Misleading on their Tiktok account, so we can see exactly how they did it.

First off, you’ll need to have researched some furniture – and build a bench, followed by a second bench on top. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bench, but it seems that’s the easiest piece to find success with this method.

Once you’ve done that, get your farm field ready, and line it up with the benches. Then, spam the build button until the field is built. Then, get rid of the first bench, and once it’s broken, jump and build another field – again, you may have to spam the button as you jump in order to find the optimum placement.

Then, get rid of the second bench, and you should be able to fit a third field in the gap that it leaves behind and make a staircase effect with your fields. By doing this, you essentially create an area of three fields instead of one, and one Pal can then therefore seed and water three field’s worth at the same time.

It’s a fantastic little time saving method, and allows you to essentially increase your farming yield by up to three times the usual amount. It’s also very helpful when combined with our advice on feeding your Pals proper food, to really help boost your base and its output.

There’s plenty of other helpful tips and advice for making the most of your base – check out this Palworld guide that shares 10 ultimate farming secrets the game doesn’t tell you, or our guide to the best Pals to keep on your base in Palworld.