This is the highest Valorant Ranked mode initial placement that you can get

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Valorant has one of the most popular competitive scenes in esports today, with hundreds of thousands of players jumping into the game’s Ranked mode every day to improve their skills, and the very best joining esports organizations and competing for millions of dollars across the world. But, every pro’s journey starts with the initial placement matches, and many players have wondered what is the highest rank that you can get at the start of your Valorant Ranked journey.

Players took to Reddit to discuss what they thought the highest initial rank is that you can get on Valorant with a brand new account. Many players stated different ranks including Platinum and Diamond, but many landed on Ascendant 1 as being the highest possible that could be achieved.

Image via Riot Games

According to Riot Games’ Valorant Ranked FAQ, the highest initial placement you can receive in Valorant is Ascendant 3, putting you just five ranks from the maximum of Radiant. Very few people have likely managed to achieve Ascendant 3 on their initial placements, with the most common higher ranks being between Gold and Diamond, with many being placed even lower between Iron and Silver.

To take part in Ranked mode and gain your initial placement, you must do the following.

  • Your Valorant account must be at least level 20.
  • You then need to play five Unranked matches for the game to calculate your rank placement.
  • Your Rank resets each Act, meaning you need to play the five placement matches again for each new Episode and then one placement match for Acts 2 and 3 of the Episode.

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