Palia: How to Get Silk

Players will spend hours in Palia gardening, crafting, and exploring to their hearts’ content. They must collect several important resources to use in crafting and building recipes. For example, Silk is a fantastic resource for making late-game furniture or selling for Gold.

There are multiple methods for players to get their hands on Silk. The best way to get Silk depends on the time or Gold they want to spend on the resource. So, this guide goes over all the different ways for Palia players to collect Silk.


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How to Get Silk in Palia


Silk is a hot commodity in Palia, and players have options for how they want to get it. They can purchase it, get it from others, or harvest their own. Purchasing Silk is the fastest and easiest way to get it, but it is the least cost-efficient.

Silk can be bought from Tish’s Furniture Shop in the village for 580 Gold. The best way to earn Gold is to sell fish and, eventually, crops once players grow enough. Crops take a few in-game days before they can be harvested, but players can catch fish as soon as they get a fishing rod.

Fabric Loom Recipe for sale in Palia.

Players can also harvest their Silk, although it takes more time and a little bit more money at first. To get Silk, players need a Loom and Silk Thread. The Loom is a craftable recipe that can be purchased from Tish for 1,500 Gold. They can insert Silk Thread to make Silk when they have the Loom.


Silk requires five pieces of Silk Thread and 10 minutes to craft. Silk Thread is harvested from Rare or Epic Bugs. Rare Bugs produce up to seven pieces of Silk Thread, while Epic produces up to 15. 18 different species of bugs fall into either category. As players level up their bug-catching skills, they will discover better bugs.


Catching bugs is a hands-on activity in Palia that requires diligence and accuracy. Players will need Smoke Bombs if they want to catch bugs. Smoke Bomb recipes can be purchased from Auri once they reach a certain point in the storyline. There are multiple kinds of Smoke Bombs players can get from Auri that vary in potency. When you see a bug you want to catch, simply throw a Smoke Bomb at it to stun it.

Finally, players can get Silk by requesting it from other players on their server. They can play with randoms that are assigned to their server or with a group of friends. If players are friendly, they can gift or trade Silk when asked.


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