Ghost of Tsushima 2 Should Take Its Darkest Moment Even Further

Spoilers ahead for Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima was hands-down one of 2020’s best games, on account of its stunning open world, its engaging combat, and its compelling narrative. Now, the only path is forward for the surprise hit, with hopes that a sequel is on the horizon that will continue the story of protagonist Jin Sakai in another captivating narrative filled with satisfying character development, emotional depth, and another captivating representation of history. When considering where Ghost of Tsushima 2‘s story could go, however, there is one moment that could set the stage for another like it, so long as it dares to go there.

Nothing has been confirmed about Ghost of Tsushima 2 yet, not even whether it is actually in development. Still, barring its eventual release, it could afford to capitalize on one of the first game’s most heartbreaking moments by taking it even further. Specifically, while Ghost of Tsushima had many emotional ups and downs, there was arguably none quite like the death of Jin Sakai’s beloved horse companion. Although he receives another horse later in the game, the first is far from replaceable. The emotional toll this took on players could give Ghost of Tsushima 2 its time to shine with another, perhaps more devastating moment.


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Ghost of Tsushima 2’s Story Should Capitalize on the First Game’s Darkest Moment

Jin Sakai’s Horse Was Much More Than a Vehicle

While the primary purpose of Jin Sakai’s horse in Ghost of Tsushima was to provide players with a more efficient method of traversal in the game’s massive open world, it also proved to be much more than that throughout the game’s first act. Firstly, players have an opportunity to name the horse early on, which automatically establishes a bond with the creature whether it’s perceived that way or not. Secondly, Ghost of Tsushima‘s first act was filled with adorable, often comical interactions between Jin and his horse, especially after winning a long battle. Jin and his horse would often be seen resting together, or the horse might be seen getting excited while Jin attempts to calm him down. It was a brilliant way of Sucker Punch connecting players to Jin’s horse and making it more of a memorable companion than a traversal tool.

Unfortunately, during the quest “Honor and Ash,” Jin’s horse succumbs to its wounds, and a permanent spot is placed on the map that players can return to from time to time and honor their fallen companion. The game’s story had plenty of notable gut punches, but many fans have called the death of their horse one of those that hit the hardest. It makes sense, considering the amount of opportunities Ghost of Tsushima gives its players to bond with their horse, and such a moment shouldn’t be foregone in Ghost of Tsushima 2. In fact, perhaps the sequel should find a way to make a moment like that hit even harder.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 Shouldn’t Shy Away From Killing Off Companions

When it comes to the death of beloved game companions, God of War Ragnarok‘s Fenrir comes to mind. Hardly into the game’s opening sequence, Fenrir dies of sickness and old age, much to the dismay of his owner, Atreus, and the players witnessing it on their screens. Thankfully, Fenrir is revived (in a sense) later on, but that’s not before his death deals a crushing blow. Ghost of Tsushima 2 could feature a similar moment by not holding too tightly to the game’s companions.

Perhaps Ghost of Tsushima 2 might find a way to kill off someone players became attached to in the first game — someone whom Jin is very fond of and whose death might spur Jin to uncompromisable revenge. It would certainly make for a heart-wrenching tale and one that wouldn’t soon be forgotten. Of course, this all ultimately depends on whether Ghost of Tsushima 2 truly is in development.

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