Occult puzzle game Strange Horticulture is coming soon to mobile

Discover a centuries-old mystery as you collect exotic plants.

Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game coming soon to mobile. Created by Bad Vikings and published by Iceberg Interactive and PID Games, Strange Horticulture lets you play as the proprietor of a local plant shop. You’ll unravel a mystery as you find and identify plants and spend time with your precious cat.

The game takes place in the small town of Undermere, which is surrounded by mountains and hag-infested forests. Strange Horticulture thrusts you into an occult mystery after strange customers visit your plant shop. As you delve into the unknown, you’ll uncover a centuries-old conspiracy. You’ll converse with a coven and perhaps even join a cult in this spooky puzzle game.

In Strange Horticulture, your choices matter. The decisions you make will affect how the story plays out. You’ll also collect strange plants, including poisonous plants and ones with hypnotic hallucinogenic properties. The farther you progress in the game, the more your plant collection will grow. Identifying new plants will let you use their effects to influence how the story unfolds.

You’ll have access to a sizeable map featuring various locations to explore. Discover clues and use them to determine which areas are safe to explore and which are to be avoided. Some locations will lead you to strange and wonderous plants, while visiting other places may cause you to lose your mind.

Bad Vikings is an indie game studio based in the UK that consists solely of brothers Rob and John Donkin. The two brothers have been making games together for more than a decade. To learn more about Strange Horticulture and Bad Vikings’ other titles, follow the indie studio on X (Twitter).

While a release date has not been confirmed, the game is currently set to launch in 2024. You can preorder Strange Horticulture for $4.99 on the App Store or Google Play. To check out a 30-second gameplay trailer, check out PID Games’ official YouTube account.