Dusk of Dragons: Survivors celebrates half-anniversary with fresh storyline and limited-time events

  • A new storyline, “The Shadow”, pits players against new mythical monsters
  • A new Wing System brings new attribute effects
  • Redeem an exclusive Pocket Gamer gift code for rewards

Coregames is inviting players to join in on all the festivities for its sandbox survival game, Dusk of Dragons: Survivors, which celebrates its half-anniversary with fresh equipment and a new narrative among other exciting updates.

As you battle your way through harsh weather conditions, dangerous traps, and even hordes of the undead, you’ll need to craft your camp to survive and forge alliances if you have to. Thankfully, you can also raise and train your very own dragons to help you in your cause, and with the right forces by your side, you might just make it through each new day unscathed.

In the latest storyline update titled “The Shadow”, you’ll take on the gargantuan task of reclaiming the Sunset Pasture as ordered by the legion commander. Apart from the threat of the Undead Army, you’ll also need to face the larger-than-life monsters lurking beyond the cliffs. Armed with your unfailing resolve, you’ll have to stand your ground against the mythical beast called the Siren, which you can discover more about in the new 5-Player Team Instance “Siren’s Lair”.

Meanwhile, the “Sunset Pasture” Instance and “The Cliff” Instance will also be available, along with the new equipment “Rock Dragon Set”, which is unlockable for anyone who reaches lv.90 and acquires the blueprints in the “Siren’s Lair”.

Additionally, the new “Wing System” lets you collect wings to take advantage of helpful attribute effects. This comes on top of the Half-Anniversary Celebration Season where limited-time in-game goodies are up for grabs. And of course, no anniversary update would be complete without a special Half-Anniversary Celebration Check-in, where simply logging into the game will reward you with awesome freebies.

You can learn more about all the nitty-gritty – including the Co-Building Dragon Statues event – from the official Facebook page. And if you’re keen on joining in, you can download Dusk of Dragons: Survivors on Google Play or on the App Store today. Those that do can reap some nifty rewards by entering the code DODSPG within the Gift Code option of Dusk of Dragons: Survivors’ settings menu.