New The Finals update finally buffs and nerfs most controversial weapons

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The Finals has received a brand new update from developer Embark Studios. It brings forth a new event to celebrate Easter which players can enjoy over the weekend while stuffing their faces with chocolate eggs. An Easter event while wearing bunny ears is no doubt exciting, but many fans will be ecstatic that two of the most controversial weapons in The Finals have received buffs and nerfs.

You can find The Finals update 2.2.0 patch notes online to see them in their entirety. Embark previously issued a statement about Cashout returning to replace Bank It, but thankfully Bank It is staying. In addition to the return of Cashout, the update introduces a new LTM called Bunny Bash that adds colorful Easter eggs to the SYS$HORIZON map.

Make sure to enjoy the Easter festivity while it lasts. You can get bunny ears as well as weapon skins befittingly decorated in eggs and bunnies. You can also enjoy some of the weapon buffs and nerfs delivered by Embark.

New The Finals buffs and nerfs

Below are the new buffs and nerfs delivered for weapons and gadgets in The Finals update 2.2.0:

  • KS23
    • Increased fire rate from 55 RPM to 73 RPM
    • Decreased player damage from 120 to 100
    • Increased environmental damage from 600 to 700
    • Decreased pump-action animation delay from 0.2s to 0s
    • Increased pump-action animation duration from 0.6s to 0.7s
    • Increased damage fall-off start range from 15m to 18m
    • Decreased damage fall-off end range from 50m to 23m
    • Increased the damage fall-off multiplier at max range from 0.4 to 0.6, meaning it does more damage at range
    • Increased the projectile speed from 200m/s to 300m/s, meaning players need to lead targets less now
    • Decreased bullet dispersion when firing from the hip while crouching, standing, and running, making the weapon more accurate and reliable
  • FCAR
    • Adjusted recoil pattern to make the weapon slightly less easy to control
    • Decreased the damage fall-off multiplier at max range from 0.67 to 0.5, meaning it does less damage at long-range
    • Adjusted recoil pattern to make the weapon slightly easier to control
  • 93R
    • Increased fire rate from 240 RPM to 260 RPM
  • Glitch Trap
    • Reduced the duration of glitch effect from 10s to 5s
  • Glitch Grenade
    • Reduce the duration of glitch effect from 10s to 5s

While changes to the FAMAS, 93R, Glitch Trap, and Glitch Grenade are appreciated, fans will most be pleased about the buffs and nerfs for the KAS-23 Slug shotgun and FCAR.

The KS-23 Slug shotgun is one of the new weapons introduced in Season 2 for Heavy, and it was previously dismissed as terrible and useless by fans. It has received a few nerfs, but thankfully, there are way more buffs and hopefully it will now be a viable option for players.

On the other hand, the community has complained about the FCAR being too OP and too much better than other Medium weapons. A video recently showed how long Medium weapons take to kill enemies, and fans unanimously agreed that the FACR needed to be nerfed. Thankfully, it has been nerfed with lower damage from long range plus harder difficulty to control.

Reacting to the FCAR nerfs on Reddit, one user commented ‘It’s perfect… Plus the Famas buff makes all three medium rifles feel great for different play styles’. Hopefully, these changes to the KAS-23 and FCAR satisfy the community, but it is hard to balance weapons in multiplayer games so there will no doubt be another weapon fans lambast.

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