December 10, 2023
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Gunfire Games has released a brand new Remnant 2 trailer that gives us our first look at the Ritualist archetype.

The new archetype will be included as part of The Awakened King, which will serve as the first major Remnant 2 DLC pack. It’s slated to launch next week.

In the new trailer, Gunfire introduces the Ritualist as “a master of pain and suffering” who brandishes status effects to punish enemies. 

Remnant 2‘s The Awakened King DLC will feature a brand new archetype.

The Ritualist’s Vile perk makes enemies more vulnerable to status effects. Enemies will also spread their status effects to other nearby enemies when they die.

The Eruption ability, meanwhile, causes an AoE explosion that deals more damage to enemies who are afflicted by status effects.

Another ability the Ritualist has at their disposal is Miasma, which afflicts nearby enemies with Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded status effects.

Last but not least, the Ritualist’s Death Wish ability curses them with constantly ticking-down health, but adds massive damage and a huge lifesteal effect to each of their attacks.

You can take a look at the Ritualist trailer right here via IGN.

The player blasting at a large tattooed enemy who is advancing in Remnant 2
Remnant 2 has some pretty chunky combat already.

If you’re unfamiliar with Remnant 2, it’s the followup to 2019’s Remnant: From the Ashes, a gunslinging Soulslike in which shooting your enemies is a better strategy than engaging them in melee.

This sequel managed to cross the million sales mark in just a single week, and its first DLC, The Awakened King, was announced last week.

The Ritualist will join other archetypes currently available in the base game, including the Hunter, the Medic, and the Challenger (although, since The Awakened King is paid DLC, you’ll need to shell out a little extra for the Ritualist).

Remnant 2 is available right now for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. The Awakened King is due for release on November 14th.

If you’re playing through Remnant 2, be sure to check out our guides, which will help you with everything from bosses to exploration and more.

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