New Palworld update added censorship not included in patch notes

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Developer Pocketpair has released back-to-back updates for Palworld. They are both now available to download on Steam and Xbox consoles. While Pocketpair has been transparent with everything the patches have fixed, what’s not included in the Palworld update patch notes is added censorship discovered by the community.

Pocketpair has just today released the second update on Xbox, and we have the patch notes available to read. This new update is great news for fans upset by the last patch as it rolled back a controversial fix for pals created through breeding. Unfortunately, it hasn’t rolled back a popular bug that Pocketpair is sorry for fixing.

While the new update released on Steam yesterday and today for Xbox irons out various issues such as crashes and bugs, not every fix is included in the patch notes. Fans have discovered added censorship that is completely understandable albeit amusing.

New Palworld update adds censorship

Reddit user c0baltilightning has discovered added censorship to Palworld in update This appears to have been added in the patch released on February 29th for PC and March 1st for Xbox rather than the patch launched on February 27th.

Taking to Reddit, the Palworld player says that they ‘can no longer call my world ‘Penis’ or name my Cattiva ‘Sassy B**ch,’ without said words being replaced by asterisks, even when playing single player’.

Image ceredit: r/Palworld

Everyone understands the censorship, but there is some discontent in the Reddit replies. Although it’s nothing major to throw a hissy fit over, some users agree with the sentiment that censorship is right on ‘public servers, but it shouldn’t be forced on single-player or private servers‘.

One user speculated the added censorship might be ‘about aligning the Steam and Xbox versions, as Microsoft has quite strict requirements on this sort of thing‘. Another user said ‘One thing that annoys me most about modern games is the forced censorship everywhere‘ as they don’t want developers to ‘treat me like a child and tell me what words I can and cannot use’.

While the censorship examples used here are tame and harmless, censoring specific words does make sense in other specific instances. However, as suggested by the community, it might be nice if it wasn’t applied to single-player and private servers, as well as if it was togglable.

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Palworld is available on Steam, along with Xbox and PC through Game Pass.