Need Help Choosing a Franchise Team in MLB The Show 24?

It can be hard to pick a franchise team in any sports game, but it’s especially tough with baseball games and specifically MLB The Show 24. This is where your fellow OSer can help you.

Picking one team in a baseball game is tough because more factors go into it than most other games. The home stadium matters way more than in most other sports video games. Your minor league system is a factor that doesn’t matter much in most other sports games. The time commitment to finish even one season goes well beyond every other sports game. I would consider It’s basically baseball and soccer as the sports games with the most to think about before starting a franchise.

But on OS we do have you covered. On top of having a spot to just talk about your franchise mode progress, we’re also happy to give you feedback on the team you should go with depending on factors you’re considering.

OS user Mackrel829 started the thread this year and gave us the factors under consideration:

-An outside contender (not a World Series favorite but not a bottom dweller)

-A current star to build around

-A future star call up in a year or two

-Flexibility in terms of acquisitions via trade and free agency

-Some decent draft picks

-A slick looking jersey (I almost want to be the Rockies just so I can play in their City Connects)

Mackrel829 listened to the feedback and ultimately decided on going with the Guardians for now. However, Mackrel liked so many of the suggestions that they will likely end up using a couple teams for 3-5 seasons while not playing every game in order to dance around.

Other users have come in with other lists of what they’re looking for and received similar feedback, so if you’re stuck and not sure what team you want to pick, head on over and explain what you’re looking for in a team. After that, you can even head to the rosters section and maybe find a roster that further enhances your choice.